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Gelato Auto – The Virtuoso Strain with a Calm, Relaxing High

This Sativa-dominant marijuana strain induces a calming, euphoric high that floats out into physical bliss. It relaxes the muscles and lulls you into a state of calm tranquility. If you smoke it after a long day at work or a grueling work out session, you may be lured to sleep. Smoking Gelato Auto results in a peaceful mental state, slowing things down just enough to make you focus on the present, making it ideal for smoking before engaging in a creative project.

Exciting Tart Flavor And Bright Citrusy Smell

This autoflowering weed strain has an insane terpene profile. Its parent strains have intense, overbearing flavors, and it's no wonder Gelato Auto does too. Its sweet citrus taste comes with powerful nuances of earth, lavender and wood. This flavor blends well with its underlying taste of fresh cookies. Gelato Auto also has a playful scent, with a potent aromatic blend of citrus, berries and earth with diesel and woody undertones.

Growing The Highly Mold-Resistant Gelato Auto Strain

Gelato Auto is unbelievably popular among marijuana growers and enthusiasts. It does well both indoors and outdoors, although indoor cultivation is recommended as it gives you more control over the growth of the plants. Proper cultivation yields as much as 500 g/m2 (17.5 oz) indoors and 100g (3.5 oz) per plant outdoors.

  • This plant is relatively hard to grow, so is best for intermediate and seasoned cultivators.
  • Plants grows between 70cm and 100cm in height.
  • Many growers recommend low-stress training when this strain is grown indoors. The Sea of Green technique will also considerably increase yields.
  • When planted outdoors, the strain does well in areas with 40% to 50% humidity and temperatures of about 24 degrees Celsius.
  • This strain is mold-resistant and does well in almost any climatic environment.

Gelato Auto’s Rich Genetics

Gelato Auto is an autoflowering variety of the original Gelato strain, achieved after crossing Sunset Sherbet, Girl Scout Cookies and a Ruderalis to make it autoflowering. This rich genetic heritage resulted in a powerfully potent strain that competently holds its own against pests, mold and disease.


  • Brand

    AKA seed bank. They create and preserve cannabis genetics, then we get them to you.

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    Cali Buds Seeds
  • Type of seeds

    Regular or feminized. Pick feminized if you want female plants only.

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  • Type of seeds

    Either autoflowering or photoperiod. Both have their pros and cons, but growing autos is easier.

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  • Suitable for growing

    This strain is perfect for growing both indoors and outdoors.

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    Indoor, Outdoor

*Herbies sells cannabis seeds exclusively as souvenirs that aren’t meant for cultivation or germination. Customers should be aware that the germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in most countries. Herbies sells cannabis seeds exclusively for collecting and preservation for future generations. We advise customers to check with their local laws before germination, as Herbies does not accept responsibility for the illegal use of our products.

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