Gelato Cookie Doh-ope Auto (GGG3 Auto) feminized seeds

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Gelato Cookie D'Oh-ope Auto (aka GGG3 Auto) is an autoflowering cannabis variety and the final strain of Dr. Krippling's Triple G trilogy. A high-level THC hybrid developed with Grand Heft Auto, Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato Auto genetics, its sensational cookie-like taste, paired with potent cerebral effects, make it an excellent nighttime snack ideal for stress and anxiety relief.

  • Dr Krippling Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Autoflowering
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Sweet happiness
  • Grand Heft Auto x Girl Scout Cookies Auto x Gelato Auto
  • 100 - 150 g/m² indoors
  • 49 days
  • Sativa / Indica / Ruderalis hybrid
  • High

Gelato Cookie D'Oh-Ope Auto: A Potent High Best Enjoyed At Night

Gelato Cookie D'Oh-ope Auto (aka GGG3 Auto) is an autoflowering cannabis variety boasting a respectably high THC content and profoundly resinous buds. Do not underestimate her potent cerebral high, which is preferable for end of day relaxation and stress relief. Gelato Cookie D'Oh-ope Auto invokes all of the classic and highly sought-after cannabis effects: happy, hungry and sleepy. 

A Tantalizing Cookie-Like Taste And Aroma

The tantalizing aroma emitted from this highly fragrant strain is utterly stunning. However, its odor is incredibly pungent, so you may wish to consider installing a carbon filtration system, especially if growing near neighbors – the strain really is that ‘loud’! Meanwhile, its sweet and delicious cookie-like flavor is creamy, with a subtle, citrusy undertone that will leave you coming back for more every time.

Gelato Cookie D'Oh-Ope Auto: A Fast-Growing Autoflower

Gelato Cookie D'Oh-ope Auto (aka GGG3 Auto) is a fast-growing autoflower variety of short to medium height, and is a very forgiving strain suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing conditions. GGG3 Auto is a tiny powerhouse that typically flowers about 7 weeks from germination and yields up to an impressive 80g/plant. 

  • This strain is resilient and highly resistant to pests, disease and powdery mildew. 
  • An aggressive grower, she requires plenty of water.
  • The plant’s highly resinous buds are ideal for quality hash production. 

Triple G Trilogy: GGG3 Auto Genetics

Gelato Cookie D'Oh-ope Auto (aka GGG3 Auto) is the final strain in Dr. Krippling's famous Triple G trilogy. A profoundly inventive autoflowering cannabis variety, the strain is a three-way hybrid developed by crossbreeding Grand Heft Auto and Girl Scout Cookies with Gelato Auto genetics. This triple G parentage produced a fast-growing powerhouse that flowers about 7 weeks from germination and yields up to 80g/plant.