Gorilla Cookies feminized seeds (Expert Seeds)

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Get into beast mode with the potent and rare Gorilla Cookies strain. This elite Indica-dominant hybrid is well-balanced in effects and has a truly legendary lineage. If you’ve ever wanted to cross your favorite Gorilla Glue and Cookies strains, here’s your chance, with the end result being a quick-flowering and versatile genetic that’s become a go-to for cannabis connoisseurs, daytime or night. Medical users feel the same way, as Gorilla Cookies is also highly effective in relieving pain.

  • Expert Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Relaxed gorilla
  • Cookie Wreck x Gorrila Glue #4
  • 450-550 g/m² indoors
    700 g/plant outdoors
  • 56 - 63 days
  • Mid September
  • 45% Sativa / 55% Indica
  • 23.4 %

Gorilla Cookies Strain Info

Don’t be fooled by Gorilla Cookies’ funny name, as the strain has serious origins from breeder Expert Seeds. Its history comes from two popular genes, meaning its soothing yet balanced effects might be quite recognizable. On top of the favorable effects, this slightly Indica-dominant hybrid is beastly in potency, so proceed with caution if your THC tolerance is low.


Gorilla Cookies’ vigorous growth and well-mannered effects come from its classic lineage. Its family tree includes the beloved Gorilla Glue and Cookie Wreck, the latter from the beloved Cookies line. This phenotype is a perfect example of two legends coming together for an even better result.

Flowering Time

Harvests are just as beloved thanks to Gorilla Cookies’ reasonably quick flowering time. Expect the strain to reach full maturity in 8-9 weeks.


With a name like Gorilla, you can probably guess that this strain produces monstrous yields. You’d be right, as Gorilla Cookies grows heavy both indoors and outdoors, typically delivering harvests of 700g (24oz) per plant when outside, or 450-550g/m² (1.5-1.8oz/ft2) indoors.


Recreational and medical users alike can benefit from any well-balanced hybrid. Gorilla Cookies’ effects just happen to be extraordinary for both. In particular, the strain contains high levels of CBD for alleviating pain and stress. At certain dosages, Gorilla Cookies can be highly sedative with couch-locking capabilities. 

THC Levels

As mentioned, the THC content is strong with Gorilla Cookies. In fact, its parent strains were specifically bred for potency, and you’ll find THC levels for their offspring to average around 23%.

Smell And Taste

You can almost taste the sticky and spicy sweetness that Gorilla Cookies’ big buds emit. First, the pungent strain has classic diesel notes with a hint of earthiness. Underneath this, you’ll be treated to a refreshingly fruity and tropical taste.

Grow Tips

Gorilla Cookies grows like a green god with bright vibrant buds covered in a thick resinous coating. Finishing quite quickly, the strain grows vigorously in any type of environment and is stable and sturdy even for beginner growers. However, keep the following tips in mind for maximized yields and successful growth:

  • The strain can benefit from low-stress training (LST).
  • Periodic de-leafing can maximize light exposure.
  • Prepare for a sticky, pungent harvest with the use of carbon air filters or an exhaust fan indoors.

Gorilla Cookies Seeds

Gorilla Cookies is the dependable and well-balanced hybrid you’ve been dreaming of. Get your feminized seeds now at a good price online at Herbies.

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