Green Crack feminized seeds (Blimburn Seeds)

A descendant of the legendary Skunk #1, Green Crack by Blimburn Seeds is one of the more hard-hitting Sativa strains in the industry. Crazy quantities of THC coupled with a euphoric and exciting cerebral high may be the key to unlocking your more creative side or helping you get through a busy day.

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Blimburn Seeds
Outdoor Indoor
Sativa dominant
THC 21 % CBD 0.4 %
All characteristics

Green Crack Strain Info

This variety was originally called Cush or Green Cush, but legend has it that Snoop Dogg, a well-known cannabis connoisseur, renamed it because he found it very addictive. Energizing and invigorating, Green Crack is the right choice when you need to keep your faculties together – all while getting the job done.


Green Crack was created by backcrossing two different strains of the same name. She is descended from the ever-popular Skunk #1, while her family tree may also include some Afghani landrace Indica. The seeds produce two unique phenotypes – a Sativa-dominant version and an Indica-dominant variety.

Flowering Time

This strain is a quick grower that doesn't compromise when it comes to taste or potency. The plants produce light green or purple crystal-coated buds that can be harvested after 7-8 weeks of flowering time when grown indoors, or in late September or early October if grown outdoors.


Under optimal growing conditions, Green Crack will treat you to up to 600g/m² (228oz/ft²) of delicious buds when grown indoors. In outdoor crops, this number goes up to 600-750g/plant (21-27oz) on average.


Although her name may raise some brows, Green Crack produces a sharp and energizing rather than manic effect. Her effects are mainly cerebral, hitting your brain with a jolt of energy and a strong feeling of euphoria after that first toke, making this strain perfect for daytime use.

Medical Properties

Green Crack’s strong Sativa effects can help you fight stress, anxiety, fatigue, and exhaustion. She’s also able to deliver laser-sharp focus and hyper-clarity as an aid to people with ADD/ADHD.

THC and CBD Levels

Expect a powerful high thanks to a robust THC level of 21% with little to no CBD – usually no more than 0.4%.

Smell and Taste

Green Crack's aromatic profile is a mix of candy-like sweetness and pungent earthiness with an exquisite fruity flavor.

Grow Tips

When grown outdoors, this strain thrives best in a warm Mediterranean climate. Luckily, neither of the two phenotypes gets too large in the height department, so small-space growers can breathe easy. The plants produce fleshy, thick buds coated in milky-white trichomes.

  • Because the plants can be sensitive to powdery mildew, it’s best to keep the humidity low to avoid rotting.
  • Regularly trim broad leaves on the top to make sure the lower stems get enough sunlight.
  • The strain is suitable for SOG and ScrOG training techniques.

Green Crack Seeds

The Green Crack feminized cannabis strain isn’t just for those who need to get motivated, but also for those with a sweet tooth. Check out Herbies’ online catalog and get your own antidote to boredom in just a couple of clicks.


  • Brand Blimburn Seeds
  • Sex Feminized
  • Flowering type Photoperiod
  • Suitable for Outdoor
  • Suitable for Indoor
  • Effect Positive wave
  • Genetics Green Crack x Green Crack
  • Yield 600 g/m² indoors
    600 - 750 g/plant outdoors
  • Flowering indoors 50 - 55 days
  • Outdoor finish Late September
  • Genotype Sativa dominant
  • THC 21 %
  • CBD 0.4 %
  • Waters
    10 August 2021
    10 August 2021
    • Advantages
      Started off pretty slow but ended with a big crystal covered bang. I’m happy with the dry weight.
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      Woweee, this weed definitely gets you moving. Had a smoke of it and before I knew it I was outside cleaning my compost bin (something which I hate doing). Hits you right in the face and compels you to do something/anything. Not ideal for chilling and watching movies.
    Photos from customers
  • GreenCracker
    26 February 2022
    26 February 2022
    • Advantages
      Blimburn GC has become my go-to strain, and I am now hesitant to grow or smoke anything else.
      The bud smell is intoxicating, and the effects are just what I was looking for: energetic, talkative, and happy.
    • Disadvantages
      Very little negative here, aside from some usual dry mouth, and some munchies, if I'm not careful. Funny enough, I've "gifted" buds to friends, and all of them have told me that this is what they want to grow in 2022.
    • General impressions
      The bud smell is intoxicating, and the effects are just what I was looking for: energetic, talkative, and happy.
      Blimburn Seeds's Green Crack (GC) is by far my favorite of the 3 types of GC that I tried.
      Blimburn's Green Crack was not difficult to grow, and there were no issues with disease or insects. These girls were grown in soil with a south-west exposure, and little to no shade for most of the day. The summer temps were quite hot, and I wonder if the black fabric pots heated up the roots excessively. The yields were lower than expect, but the bud quality is amazing.
      Blimburn Green Crack is my strain of choice going forward. Every time I have it with friends, they all say "I want to grow that!". I spent many seasons trying to find a strain that would produce these effects consistently. I'm going to try a couple of other Blimburn strains over the next couple of seasons, including Blue Dream and Tangie. However, Blimburn GC will be grown from now on, every season, without fail. It's just that good!
    Photos from customers

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