Green Haze x Malawi Regular seeds

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Green Haze x Malawi Standard is one of the most powerful Sativas available from Ace Seeds. It is a limited-edition Sativa strain that is ideally grown outdoors in warmer climates. The strain provides great yields and is an old school F1 hybrid – with strong and vigorous Green Haze mixed with the yielding potential of Malawi.

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  • Regular
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
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  • Green Haze x Malawi
  • High
  • High
  • 91 - 112 days
  • Late November
  • 100% Sativa
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Green Haze x Malawi Regular - Buy Before It’s Gone!

This strain is a 100% Sativa which is in limited edition. It will grow tall and thin, with strong lateral branches which will produce excellent yields. It will keep the green color until the end of flowering – excellent for outdoor growing in tropical climates. The strain has an indoor flowering period of 13-16 weeks, with excellent resistance against common growers’ problems, including spider mites, mold, botrytis and other issues. It will be ready to harvest at the end of November. Green Haze x Malawi Standard can also be grown in coastal climates with warm autumn months, up to a latitude of 40N. Great for an outdoor grower who would like to experiment with a classic Sativa producer.

  • Limited edition with only 60 batches produced, gets yours while you still can!
  • 100% Sativa.
  • Ready to harvest from end of November.
  • Great taste and aroma.

Great Quality Taste and Effect

This strain will provide an exotic aroma of spices, incense and wood notes. The taste is classic Sativa, bringing strong hints of citrus through to the palette. Great for a clean and stimulating high – ideal when you need to focus on the task in hand.