Haze Mist regular seeds

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Haze Mist Regular is a regular cannabis variety that’s well-balanced and includes some delicious flavors. This Flying Dutchmen product is excellent for producing large yields strain that are heavy on the Sativa side. Similar to the effects produced by Original Haze, it’s great for delivering a soaring cerebral stone and an energizing boost any time of the day.

  • Flying Dutchmen
  • Regular
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Misty sativa
  • Kerala x Original Haze
  • High
  • 85 - 100 days
  • November
  • 70% Sativa/ 30% Indica
  • No official information

Haze Mist Regular: A Balanced And Cerebral High

This strain provides excellent potency that’s nonetheless well-balanced with an intense sweetness. With a THC rating usually in the high teens, it’s a powerful regular cannabis strain that’s nonetheless not too much for most consumers to handle. This makes it an ideal choice for both novice and experienced users, who typically find the high to be moderately hazy while providing a decent energy kick.

Flavors And Scents Of Indian Spice

The aromas and flavors of Haze Mist Regular are its standout features. It carries delicious spicy notes that are expertly mixed with old-school Sativa flavors. Thanks to its Kerala genetics, this regular marijuana strain has a very exotic personality that will likely remind you of Indian spices. Alongside its spiciness, you’ll also be able to detect sweet flavors and aromas that add a whole other layer to this rich strain.

A Long Grow, But Worth It

This strain is excellent for growing in both indoor and outdoor setups. However, growing it outdoors in a sunny, Mediterranean-style climate is ideal, as this will give it more exposure to sunlight to fill up those delicious buds with maximum resin. The strain comes with an extra-long flowering period of 85-100 days, but it’s definitely worth the wait; it produces a heavy amount of yield per plant and requires only a little extra maintenance throughout the whole growing period.

  • This strain is great for the SCRoG technique.
  • It’s ideal to use 400W HID lights.
  • Medium amounts of feed in soil is recommended.
  • Try using BioBizz and Top Crop nutrients for best results.

Haze Mist Regular: Old-School Genetics

Haze Mist Regular produces a balance of sweetness and spiciness thanks to its Kerala and Original Haze genetics. Kerala, of course, gives Haze Mist its spiciness and cerebral effects, while Original Haze is responsible for its potency and long flowering time. The genetics of this plant were used to make Original Haze back in the 70’, giving this regular cannabis variety some great old-school personality.