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Illuminauto #31 - Sweet 'n' Sour feminized seeds

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Illuminauto 31 - Sweet ‘n’ Sour is probably one of the frostiest cannabis strains available on the Mephisto Genetics catalogue. Resulting as a cross between Toof Decay and Sour Stomper, Sweet ‘n’ Sour delivers up to 75 g/plant of dense, sticky cannabis in less than 75 days from seed.

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Mephisto Genetics
Outdoor Indoor
30% Sativa / 70% Indica
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Illuminauto 31 - Sweet ‘n’ Sour: Covered in Resin

Illuminauto 31 - Sweet ‘n’ Sour is an autoflowering cannabis strain created by Mephisto Genetics as a cross between the scrumptious Toof Decay and the well-balanced Sour Stomper, which lead to a fantastic F1 hybrid, which has a very potent effect and an equally impressive taste and flavour profile.

Growing Illuminauto 31 - Sweet ‘n’ Sour is best done indoors however she is well-equipped for outdoor growing due to her copious resin production resulting in excellent resistance to mould and pests. Mephisto recommends growing her in a sea of green arrangement using powerful LED lighting to get excellent yields of dense, resinous cannabis without compromising on the quality of her terpene profile. Her citrus aroma is due to the presence of limonene which makes for a more pleasant, uplifting high. Here is some further information to help you grow this strain:

  • Medium height – final height is 60 – 70 cm indoors and up to 90 cm outdoors.
  • Max EC of water – 1.2 in veg, up to 1.6 in flower.
  • Water pH; 5.8 – 6.0.
  • Recommended lighting: 450 W LED min.
  • Recommended nutrients: Nectar for The Gods range.
  • Training – as with all autoflowers, less is more so maximise yields by using low stress training and leaf tucking to create an even canopy.

A Potent, Indica-dominant Autoflower

The smell and taste of Illuminauto 31 - Sweet ‘n’ Sour doesn’t easily compare to most strains – she has hints of citrus and pine amongst a generally pungent cannabis taste with a slightly metallic after taste. Her effect is hard-hitting and leaves the user feeling relaxed for hours.


  • Brand Mephisto Genetics
  • Sex Feminized
  • Flowering type Autoflowering
  • Suitable for Outdoor
  • Suitable for Indoor
  • Effect Impressive fruity explosion
  • Genetics Toof Decay x Sour Stomper
  • Height Medium
  • From seed to harvest 70 - 80 days
  • Genotype 30% Sativa / 70% Indica
  • MrProspector
    13 October 2020
    13 October 2020
    • Advantages
      This strain was easy to grow! :)
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      After 70 days in the ground and 8 days drying these have been given a nice tight trim and are in the 1.5 gallon curing jars @61%.
      Buds are super dense and hard. They seem as if they were dipped in maple syrup and allowed to dry u
      ntil they become crusty. WOW. These look and feel as if they will gush with rosin when pressed.
      Smell is very pungent and sweet.
      Final yield for the big girl was 151g.
      The total for all 3 is 277g.
      This strain was easy to grow and produced some top shelf smoke.
      The buds are so dense, the qt mason jars are only half full with 30g in them. Everything is @61%rh.
      Taste is pungent and sweet and the smell is the same. Should only get better with a nice long cure.
    Photos from customers
  • PrairieFrostGrow
    1 March 2021
    1 March 2021
    • Advantages
      She has a great taste and smell right now, fairly citrus moving into more sweet.
    • Disadvantages
      Can cause dry mouth
    • General impressions
      In typical Mephisto fashion, this is a frosty girl! Her buds swelled up late in flower and frost came on early in flower. She smelt beautiful floral, early on, and sweet while growing. She was very resilient to pH issues i threw at her and she still grew to be one of the biggest this run👍
      On top of the pH issues she also battled a broken branch early on in veg and finally just took the whole branch, she was happier for it. She grew into a beautiful Christmas tree shape as only LST was done on her side branching and the main stem left to go! She reached up to 28”, above the pot, a nice manageable height👌 She was just beautiful as she faded and looked gorgeous!!!!
      The buds trimmed up nice with red hairs and have good bag appeal. She was easy to trim and all buds densed up.....only had the trim and about 10g buds for hash👍
      Fortunate to have a few more seeds and look forward to running her again without the pH issues!!!! She can be a great yielder and I feel I missed out on over an ounce at least.....her size and shape should have yielded me in the 5+ range In my experience☹️ Great job Mephisto!
    Photos from customers
  • Daviduhh
    22 March 2021
    22 March 2021
    • Advantages
      This is a delicious strain.It smokes great, tastes great, and smells amazing. It almost smells like guava skin with some sourness. This is a strain I can lay down and relax with.
    • Disadvantages
      Yield could be better
    • General impressions
      I did a super tight trim with this strain so my yield was a little less than expected. I did a wet and a dry trim to remove as much leaf matter as possible. Although it’s not a great yield, it is some top shelf stuff. I really enjoy this strain. One of my favorites so far. Good nighttime use.
    Photos from customers

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