Jack Diesel feminized seeds

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Jack Diesel contains genes for tangerine flavors with sandalwood aromas in its feminized cannabis seeds. Yielding up to 600 g/m² after 10 weeks of flowering, this strain boasts THC levels around 22% and practically no CBD. An easy-to-grow strain to meet novice and expert’s standards!

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Jack Diesel: Tall & Quick

Jack Diesel is a feminized cannabis strain recommended for any grower who wants to have psychoactive herbs with 22% THC levels and pungent aromatic profiles. Up to 70 days of blooming time and yields about 600 g heavy will satisfy the toughest demands!

This strain produces robust, medium-tall bushes with several long side branching that gets filled up with many thick, resin packed flowers. Cultivars grow quickly into Indica plants that stretch quite a bit during flowering. Internodal spacing is short and does not allow the airflows to pass easily between buds, so avoid extremely humid places. Indoor growing with limited or short vertical space should consider training methods to manage height, or provide a maximum of 4 week of vegetative time.

Expect a flowering time of 60 - 70 days, outdoor plants being ready for harvest during the second half of October. Indoor yields are around 500 g/m2 while outdoor plants reach up to 600 g/plant.

  • Minimum 600 Watts HID, 315 Watts CMH, or 250 Watts LED;
  • Best photoperiod: 18/4;
  • Excellent for SOG and SCROG;
  • Ideal temp. range: 18-30°C;
  • Vegetative EC:  1.0-1.4; Flowering EC: 1.5-1.8;
  • Ensure proper ventilation during flowering.

High THC, Exquisite Flavors

The 22% THC and 0.1% CBD levels result in mind-bending effects that might be too strong for some. The psychoactive effects will be long lasting with an uplifting buzz thanks to the sharp tangerine flavors and sandalwood aromas.