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JillyBean regular seeds

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The Jillybean regular cannabis strain is a remarkably stable hybrid featuring a beautiful blend of candy-like apple and mango flavors with spicy undertones. With a medium THC content reaching 11%, this daytime strain brings a happy Sativa high and pleasant body relaxation. It’s perfect for creative minds and social butterflies looking for long-lasting euphoria.

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TGA Subcool Seeds (SubCool’s The Dank)
Outdoor Indoor
30 % Sativa / 70 % Indica
THC 18.33 % CBD 0.2 %
All characteristics

Pleasant Relaxation & Mood-Elevating Effects

Unlike most Indica-dominant hybrids, Jillybean delivers strong cerebral effects combined with nice bodily effects. It starts with a quick rush of uplifting and energizing euphoria, leaving users happy and fool of energy. Experienced users say Jillybean is the right choice for creative minds, as it shakes the imagination wide awake and stimulates creative thinking. However, if overdosed, the strain can cause cottonmouth or dizziness. Thanks to its uplifting effects and Indica content, this cannabis variety can be used to help ease minor pains and deal with anxiety, depression and stress.

Jillybean: The Best of Orange, Apple & Mango Flavors

The flavorsome Jillybean cannabis strain is full of fruity flavors ranging from orange, mango and apple to candy. It’s ideal for those with a sweet tooth or who enjoy experimenting with cannabis that tastes like food.

Compact, Lime-Green Crops

A very stable cross of Orange Skunk, Romulan and Cindy99, the Jillybean regular marijuana strain is a short Indica-dominant strain suitable for novice growers. If topped, the strain grows bushy and develops multiple side branches and heads. The plant features lime-green leaves and buds covered with orange hairs. In an indoor environment, the strain will need 8 weeks to finish flowering. If planted outdoors, Jillybean plants may display deep burgundy or maroon hints as a result of temperature drops.


  • Brand TGA Subcool Seeds (SubCool’s The Dank)
  • Sex Regular
  • Flowering type Photoperiod
  • Suitable for Outdoor
  • Suitable for Indoor
  • Effect Tasty high
  • Genetics Orange Skunk x Romulan x Cindy99BCGA
  • Yield High
  • Flowering indoors 56 days
  • Genotype 30 % Sativa / 70 % Indica
  • THC 18.33 %
  • CBD 0.2 %

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