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Sail off into the sunset with the energizing effects and vigorous growth from the Sativa-dominant hybrid, Kali Mist. Once you bask in this plant’s alluringly spicy scent, you’ll know exactly why the strain has won multiple prizes. Quite royal in reputation, Kali Mist is known as the ‘Queen of Sativas’ for her abundance of resin and high yields. Preferred for daytime use, your mind will feel like it’s on vacay with the clear-headed focus and uplifting buzz of Kali Mist.

  • Serious Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Misty mood enhancer
  • Multiple Cup Winner
  • High
  • 300 - 500 g/m² indoors
  • 70 - 90 days
  • Late November
  • Sativa dominant
  • High

Kali Mist Strain Info

Adding to the allure of Kali Mist is the strain’s elusive origins. This Serious Seeds feminized variety is a classic genetic bred from two unknown Sativa hybrids. Throughout its history, Kali Mist has been improved upon twice since 1998, with the breeder enhancing Kali Mist’s powerfully potent Sativa effects that are equally beneficial for healing.


Even though the family tree of Kali Mist is unidentified, this Serious Seeds phenotype has been on the market for some time. The strain may have European origins, having been grown outdoors in Italy and Spain.

Flowering Time

Like most Sativas, Kali Mist takes its time growing to full maturity. Typically, the strain has a 10-12 week flowering time.


Kali Mist is as hardy as she is stunning, and can be grown optimally indoors or outdoors. In either environment, you can expect to harvest 300-500g/m2 (1-1,3oz/ft2) of dense and uniquely spiraled buds.


You’ll be even more pleased with the exhilarating energy that Kali Mist can produce. The Sativa powerhouse uplifts mood while delivering a clear-headed cerebral high. Beyond the mind, Kali Mist’s effects are beneficial for relieving chronic pain, especially for women and pesky monthly cramps. The strain can be enjoyed day or night, the latter if not too close to your bedtime, as Kali Mist stimulates critical and creative thought that can be distracting for sleep. 

THC And CBD Levels

THC levels of Kali Mist tend to test moderate to high, with minimal levels of CBD. This makes for a perfect cannabis starting point or a strain for daily use.

Smell And Taste

Kali Mist will ignite the senses with her sweet and spicy combination of terpenes. The strain is quite pungent and has underlying earthy and pine aromas. On the exhale, you’ll be treated to a zesty citrus aftertaste that’s as refreshing as the gene’s effects.

Grow Tips

Kali Mist isn’t called the “Queen of Sativas” for nothing. This strain is a beast for growth and reaches extraordinary heights of up to 10ft (3m) when grown outdoors. Kali Mist glimmers as she grows, with high levels of resin bursting from the plant’s beautifully structured buds. Some tips to keep in mind when growing the strain include:

  • The plant can withstand rain outdoors, being naturally mold-resistant.
  • With few fan leaves, pruning for optimal light exposure isn’t necessary.
  • Due to the plant’s height, staking branches can help support its weight.

Kali Mist Seeds

Our Kali Mist feminized seeds are a delight for growers and consumers alike. Take pleasure in growing and smoking this unique legend of a strain at a good price by conveniently buying online at Herbies.

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