Karma's Jack feminized seeds

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The Karma’s Jack cannabis strain is filled with surprises that are set to floor you. Once you open the door to Pandora’s Box, there’s no turning back. This heavy Sativa is unstoppable once she begins to grow, and you’ll be blessed with kilos of eye-popping flowers in as little as 10-weeks. Get ready, this is a Sativa lovers’ dream plant.

  • Karma Genetics
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
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Karma’s Jack - A Sativa Tag-Team In Your Garden

Karma’s Jack was bred by crossing Jack Herer #12 with Jack Herer #22. This created a massive yielding Sativa powerhouse that produces thick flowers that are liable to knock you out. The flavor is reminiscent of sweet haze bubblegum that will please your most picky friends. When you need a secret weapon, this is it.

When growing Karma’s Jack cannabis seeds, you need to give her enough space to grow. Although she grows tall, you’ll need to allow her side-branches space for light penetration.

Short vegetation times and a Sea of Green style of growing will yield an abundant harvest. If you allow too much vegetation time, you may find yourself in a jungle, rather than a grow room.

  • Container Size - 15L and above;
  • Indoor Humidity: Less than 65% RH;
  • Lighting Requirements: 600-Watt HID;
  • Flowering Lighting Requirements: 12/12;
  • Vegetative Lighting Requirements: 18/6;
  • EC: 1.6.

The Ultimate Jack Herer

By crossing two of the most unique phenotypes of Jack Herer, we’re left with Karma’s Jack. This superb revision of the original Jack Herer is a pleasure to smell, taste, and indulge in. Staying true to Haze, Karma’s Jack doesn’t have a ceiling and delivers an electric high. You’ll wonder when her effects will wear off, but you may be having too much fun due to her uplifting and motivating effects.