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Kosher Kush feminized seeds

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Kosher Kush from Reserva Privada is a nearly pure Indica with genetics that originated on the California coast. While her lineage may be Indica, her highs are a nice mix of both cerebral and physical effects. You’ll get feelings of euphoria before transitioning to a calming, sleepy, full-body high. She’s also incredibly pungent, with a refined scent that will remind you of pine, earth, and wood – just like you’re taking a stroll through a northern woodland!

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Reserva Privada
Outdoor Indoor
Indica dominant
THC 19 %
All characteristics

Kosher Kush Seed Info

These cannabis seeds are a Dutch version of Kosher Kush, an Indica from the West Coast of the United States. Allegedly, Kosher Kush’s history begins in Los Angeles, where members of the city’s young Jewish community developed a cannabis plant jokingly referred to as “Jew Gold”. While what happened next is a bit unclear, we know that this so-called Jew Gold formed the origins of what would later become Kosher Kush.


Kosher Kush’s effects are sometimes described as cosmic harmony, and for good reason! The effects are strong and long-lasting – at first euphoric and cerebral, and then transitioning into relaxing, calming, and sleepy.

Kosher Kush effects
Kosher Kush weed effects
Kosher Kush strain effects
Effects of Kosher Kush

THC Levels

With a THC content of 19%, Kosher Kush is fairly potent without being overwhelming, making her a good choice for everyone, including novices.

Smell And Taste

The terpene profile for Kosher Kush emphasizes very forest-like aromas and flavors. These are extremely strong and pungent – earthy and woody with piney undertones. As a result, you may want to invest in a carbon filter.

Grow Tips

Unusually for an almost pure Indica, if given enough root space and vegetation time, Kosher Kush can easily grow to a very tall height. Aside from being taller than most Indicas, all her other characteristics are typical of an Indica/Kush. She can take any type of training you throw at her and likes a bit more nutrients than usually recommended.

  • This strain prefers dry and warm climates, so a dehumidifier might come in handy.
  • The plant will double in size during flowering, so have some spare space before switching to 12/12.
  • It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor grows.

Flowering Time

Kosher Kush has a flowering time of 63-70 days, which is about in line with other plants of her type. If growing outside, expect her to finish in mid-October.


You’ll get some pretty good harvests with Kosher Kush, and most indoor growers average yields of about 450-550g/m² (1.47-1.8oz/ft2).

Kosher Kush Seeds

Kosher Kush feminized seeds could be yours for a great low price. Buy them online today from Herbies Seeds and add this pungent, crowd-pleasing plant to your collection.


  • Brand Reserva Privada
  • Sex Feminized
  • Flowering type Photoperiod
  • Suitable for Outdoor
  • Suitable for Indoor
  • Effect Cosmic harmony
  • Genetics Kosher Kush x Kosher Kush
  • Height High
  • Yield 450 - 550 g/m² indoors
  • Flowering indoors 63 - 70 days
  • Outdoor finish Mid October
  • Genotype Indica dominant
  • THC 19 %
  • closed4fishing
    5 September 2020
    5 September 2020
    • Advantages
      A must have strain!
      This strain was super easy to grow.
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      Bag Appeal:
      It will only be in jars but it's frosty as a snowman! Almost looks like snow on the top of the plant!
      Very much like OG18 keeper phenos. Maybe a little more piney but very stinky! I think there is a bit of a fuel smell in there too but it's hard to label the smell.
      Exactly like the smell. The taste on these is up there with my favorite OG18 pheno. If you like a long lasting taste, then this is for you.
      The effect on these is immediate and long lasting. It definitely will sit you back in your chair or put you on the couch. If you only take one or two rips, you may be motivated and you'll find that 2-3 hours passes by rather quickly. If you smoke a couple bowls, you might as well just kick back with some chips and soda because you aren't going to be doing very much. Two bong loads and I'm headed for a nap, but one bong load and I'm jamming on the guitar or playing Battlefield 3 
      Possible Medical Uses
      Insomnia (in high doses)
      back/neck pain (in medium/high doses)
      appetite (in high dose)
      Stress relief (any dose)
      Stomach problems/nausea (any dose)
      Final Thoughts:
      This strain was super easy to grow. It required very little attention and didn't need all that many nutrients either. I'd say if you like the Kush then you'll like the Kosher Kush. Potent, beautiful and easy to grow, that combination is a winner in my book.
  • Bugeye
    11 August 2021
    11 August 2021
    • Advantages
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      grow report:
      I had an easy time with this one and was able to easily repair one branch that broke off at main node. I'm going to grade the overall quality of this grow at an A.
      Yield: 15.8 Oz. or 448 grams, very good density, about as hard as I can grow them in greenhouse.
      Jar Aroma: Herbal, earthy, musky, kushy kushy, hint of sweetness, dill? Something reminds me of a Jewish deli, maybe just the name fucking with my brain. Whatever it is, I like it. I'm biased toward earthy smelling stuff...which is why I grow in earth. 
  • Bugeye
    9 August 2021
    9 August 2021
    • Advantages
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      smoke report:
      10:08am - big toke
      10:10 - coming on
      10:13 - strong high, big body buzz, unclear still where it is going, up or relaxing? Audio enhancement.
      10:15 - Brain feeling relaxed, I think. Body feels loose.
      10:19 - Mid/high euphoria. My eyes feel red!
      10:20 - Hard stone but pretty clean, functional with some focus. Extremities feel light.
      10:25 - High more relaxed than up, but has some up. Hits good notes, very broad depth to high.
      10:28 - 20 minute buzz is phenomenal, bias? Strong hi feels legit to me. Need an outside opinion.
      10:31 - My eyes are red! Moving around feels like flowing. Creative thoughts. More up now. High is still evolving.
      10:34 - Heart rate is up yet relaxing. Motivation good yet sitting good too. Contrary ends of spectrum.
      10:39 - Feel good all over body and head. No anxiety.
      10:47 - Winner strain - very good stuff. Any time stuff? Possibly.
      10:53 - Meditational properties, no let up in strength.
      11:05 - Legs rocking/moving
      11:30 - Still high
      I DO like to grow the Cannabis Cup winners! So my overall rating on this strain is a 9 or 10 out of 10. I'm writing down a 10 in my personal journal.
  • closed4fishing
    4 August 2020
    4 August 2020
    • Advantages
      Stable genetics
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      5 of 6 popped and grew out super easy. They were vegged under 400W MH for a few weeks and then flowered under 1000W HPS for 65-70 days, with the last 4 days in a dark closet with no light. These were grown in the following mix:
      60% Roots Organic , 10% Happy Frog, 20% Perlite, 10% Light Warrior
      They were all fed Fox Farm Grow Big, Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom. They were only fed when needed as the soil was a bit hotter than usual. Each of the plants yielded almost 2 oz. The one that was topped is still going and should yield over 2oz. Each plant was almost identical in growth, smell and taste. This seems like a very homogenous and stable strain.
  • psiber17
    27 August 2020
    27 August 2020
    • Advantages
      Awesome strain!
      Worth trying.
    • Disadvantages
      Didn’t notice any
    • General impressions
      This is a strain that anyone with pain issue should have in their garden. The stretch can be extreme but with early topping this is well controlled. I have the typical eucalyptus/mint/musk phenotype. She formed running ultra-dense flowers from the tip of each stem right to the base, very little empty area. This caused some of the best yields I have ever had per plant. I harvested when trichomes were 90% cloudy, 5% amber, 5% clear. I have taken samples with no amber and with 20% amber, the THC was at it's peak at near complete cloudy, as soon as you see the first few amber. As far as potency goes this is top tier. I have some extreme back pain and arthritis issues, I get instant, substantial relief from the first rip on. I really wanted to say again just how dense these nuggets get. Some of my friends thought they were moon rocks :) I grew totally organic and she never burned, depleted the soil perfectly. At the end of flower takes on a real nice faded yellow and purple look on the leaves. i hit about 62-65 F lights off, she seemed to respond very well to low temps. During a heat wave she tolerated low 90's with little adverse effects.
      All things considered this is top 5 of the 30+ strains I have grown!
  • simplyhaze
    26 July 2020
    26 July 2020
    • Advantages
      The best strain I’ve even grown in my entire life.
    • Disadvantages
      None, if you grow her right)
    • General impressions
      Easy to grow
      High yield
      Great stuff
      I do recommend her!
  • Puffer_Bill
    17 July 2020
    17 July 2020
    • Advantages
      A pure pleasure to grow!
      The Kosher Kush was a strong and easy plant to grow
      Lots of sticky buds.
    • Disadvantages
      Can cause dry eyes
    • General impressions
      A lovely rich earthy fragrance mixed with citrus...
      Pleasure to smoke... smooth, woody. But then I did flush with a great product called Flawless Finish. The Kosher Kush has a unique taste... earthy, wooden. After flushing, the KK was trimmed to a point, then was dry hung. The KK is destined for the pot, so taste nor smell required. The KK will be turned into either resin oil or coco oil. Buds are still sticky.
      I think its definitely suitable for evening mellowing. Or those needing a bit of help to fall asleep.
      Was easy to grow. No nonsense. And it topped itself. Smart seed. At one stage I thought it was an auto. As it responded so fast to changing lights 12/12.
      A couple of weeks prior to harvesting I did hack a bit away. ( stock was out 🤔🙄 )
      The KK was the odd one out and shared space with 7 Wedding Cakes. Total top lighting for the 8 plants was 1040w. So I have divided the lighting by 8.
      Again it asks grow space. My shack is a fair size. I have only taken the actual canopy size which I'm sure is the right way to measure. I believe I could have achieved a better yield had I got a grip on my nutrients.
  • bcizzle
    10 June 2020
    10 June 2020
    • Advantages
      The high is fantastic
    • Disadvantages
      Can cause dry mouth
      The yield could be better
    • General impressions
      After a good 2-3 week cure, these buds are smelling and smoking super well. There’s a good skunky/musty smell that you can even pick up before you open the jar. That smell will fill the room when the jar is open. Putting your nose to the jar, you get more notes of earthiness, lemon, and maybe a little pine. When you break open a bud it’s got a really good lemony, piney scent. Tastes about how it smells and it’s super sticky.
      The high is fantastic. It’s got a nice cerebral effect but also a really nice body effect. This would be a good medical strain for sure. It’s not too narcotic which is a plus in my book, but it’s not something you’d want to use during the day. This is night time chillin weed. You will sleep very well coming down from this one and it just makes you feel good all over. Highly recommended, but I wish the plant I got yielded better. I only pulled about 18 grams off of a plant in a 3 gallon container. I’m hoping there’s some better yielding phenos in the 5 seeds I have left because I really like this strain

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