LA Confidential feminized seeds

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LA Confidential by DNA Genetics is a feminized cannabis strain created by cross-breeding OG LA Affie with an Afghani phenotype. This Indica-dominant hybrid sports a non-lingering and classic skunky aroma. Its smooth herbal taste suggests hints of pepper, pine and citrus. With an average THC content ranging between 15-20.5%, LA Confidential delivers a compelling yet mellow cerebral high, ideal for nightly relaxation and promotion of healthy sleep.

  • DNA Genetics
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Introspection and contemplation
  • OG LA Affie x Afghani
  • Multiple Cup Winner
  • Medium
  • 350 - 450 g/m²
  • 49 - 56 days
  • 100% Indica
  • No official information

LA Confidential: A Super Calming Sensation

LA Confidential is a heavy-hitting feminized cannabis strain that delivers a potent cerebral high. Averaging between 15-20.5% THC by dry weight, it provides a profoundly relaxing physical buzz. The intensive Indica-dominant hybrid strain is ideal for stress relief, relaxation and pain management. It also makes an excellent sleep aid, though some find that in addition, it helps to improve focus and promote creativity. 

A Classic Skunky Aroma With A Smooth, Piney Taste

The classic skunky aroma and smooth, piney flavor of LA Confidential are both highly desirable traits among cannabis cultivators and connoisseurs. The smell emitted from this feminized cannabis strain does not linger long after being sealed, which helps ensure discretion after cultivation. LA Confidential has a very herbal flavor with subtle hints of pepper and citrus.    

Growing Tips And Tricks For Perfect Results

LA Confidential is a feminized cannabis strain of medium height. This Indica-dominant hybrid excels in indoor growing conditions. However, it is suitable for outdoor cultivation in colder climates only. LA Confidential flowers between 7-8 weeks and typically yields anywhere from 350-450g/m2. To maximize your yield:

  • Pre-vegging advised 
  • Ensure a constant temperature of 68-80 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Provide heavy feedings
  • Ensure the plant has access to potassium and phosphorus during flowering to help her develop hearty, dense buds
  • Thinning fan leaves later in the flowering cycle to promote more light reach

LA Confidential: Cup-Winning Indica Genetics

LA Confidential is a feminized cannabis strain developed by DNA Genetics. This Indica-dominant hybrid is an artistic combination of OG LA Affie and an Afghani phenotype. LA Confidential rose to fame in the early 2000s after placing second and third in the High Times Cannabis Cup for best Indica in 2004 and 2005 respectively.