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Meringue feminized seeds


Meringue is a feminized cannabis strain, which is every bit as good as it sounds. Developed by Dutch Passion Seeds as a cross between Wedding Cake and Animal Cookies, Meringue has everything you could want from a premium cannabis strain such as heavy yields of potent, aromatic buds.

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Dutch Passion
Outdoor Indoor
Sativa / Indica hybrid
THC 26 %
All characteristics

Meringue: Excellent All-rounder

Meringue is a feminized cannabis strain created by Dutch Passion Seeds as a cross between a Wedding Cake hybrid and a particularly aromatic Animal Cookies clone. This premium Indica-dominant cannabis strain is a favourite in dispensaries across North America for her delicious taste.

In addition to her lovely smell and taste, Meringue has up to 26% THC with some samples testing into the lower 20’s. This high cannabinoid content is accompanied by a sweet, candy-like smell and aroma with hints of lime, which comes together to provide a soothing, relaxing high. With such a strong genetic lineage, it’s no wonder this strain delivers XL yields of tall, dense buds in just over 8 weeks of flowering – a fantastic indoor strain! Here is some further information to help you grow this strain:

  • Medium height – Meringue reaches a final height of up to 1 m indoors and up to 1.5 m outdoors.
  • Max EC of water – 1.6 in veg, up to 2.0 in flower.
  • Water pH; 5.8 – 6.0.
  • Recommended lighting: 600 W LED.
  • Recommended nutrients: CANNA COCO range.
  • Recommended grow style: SCRoG due to tall, flexible branches.

The Dessert Of Cannabis Strains

Modern cannabis users are increasingly selective about the taste and flavour of their cannabis with fruity strains being some of the most popular. Meringue is a sweet-tasting cannabis strain, which is to be expected as it came as a result of the combination of two excellent-tasting strains.


  • Brand Dutch Passion
  • Sex Feminized
  • Flowering type Photoperiod
  • Suitable for Outdoor
  • Suitable for Indoor
  • Effect The perfect sweetness
  • Genetics Wedding Cake x Animal Cookies
  • Yield 400 - 500 g/m² indoors
  • Flowering indoors 56 days
  • Genotype Sativa / Indica hybrid
  • THC 26 %
  • Federikush
    22 March 2021
    22 March 2021
    • Advantages
      Made me feel relaxed! Like it.
    • Disadvantages
      got bud rot at the end of its flowering cycle,(i dont have any in-take fans, so that poor air exchange was the main problem). despite of that it was one of the best looking and most frostiest strain i have ever grown
    • General impressions
      Harvested at week 10 of flower. *68 days of flower
      Appearance of the Buds: dense, medium-small size, froooosty buds with purple tones at the end of its cycle
      Calyx-To-Leaf ratio: low leaf ratio. between narrow and broad leaf cultivar, lot of light penetration to the lower parts
      Trichomes: big size trichomes , from the lower buds till the top fully covered in resin
      Density (weight): heavy and dense buds
      Hardness: very hard, grinder needed
      Bud smell: gassy, earthy , spicy with kind of herbal undertones
      Flavor without combustion: gassy, herbal
      Instant strong effect, sometimes too accelerated but ends up with a very coach lock,body and mind sedating.
    Photos from customers
  • TheCannaProphet
    11 March 2021
    11 March 2021
    • Advantages
      A GREAT evening smoke!
    • Disadvantages
      Can cause dry eyes
    • General impressions
      Want dense, super sticky pungent nugs frosted in snow white trichomes??? You search is over, meet Dutch Passion's Meringue strain. She's a 60/40 Indica/Sativa hybrid derived from a cross of Wedding Cake x Animal Cookies. With her complex pungent, fruity/sweet aroma the Meringue's pungent/sweet, earthy aroma carries over to your palate when smoking her and, with her high THC levels, hits you quick and hard right between the eyes. Relaxation quickly sets in with a calm euphoria (great for listening to old vinyl) which eventually will lock you down for the count. A GREAT evening smoke! I plan on pressing a good bit of this and am sure the yields should be epic considering the amount of trichomes present and the terpene profile should make your mouth water! 😎🙏
    Photos from customers
  • Stick
    20 January 2021
    20 January 2021
    • Advantages
      Great discovery, I will definitely save this strain in my collection and grow it again in a near future. Everyone who tasted it appreciated it!
    • Disadvantages
      She hasn't been the easiest plant to work on, very atypical growth.
    • General impressions
      Some of the best flowers I've been growing so far. Meringue produces massive dense flowers full of resin, with a complex terpenes profile, made of tropical fruit and mostly sugar, sugar, and sugar again. Not a diabetic strain for sure 😂 The effects are really good as well: it starts with a smooth relaxing feeling, then it turns into a creative boost, making you proactive on various activities such as making music, crafting some DIY stuff, or just chill out with good friends!
      She hasn't been the easiest plant to work on, very atypical growth. She literally grew like a clone, asymmetric nodes almost from the start, so I was not able to mainline her as much as the other strains in the tent. Her fan leaves have crazy elongated stems, creating massive areas of shadow under the canopy, defoliation was mandatory to get the most of the bottom buds. In the end, all these efforts worth it, I was gifted with 128 grams of pure candies, and I also was able to make some fire Ice'o'lator with the leaves from the trim. If you're ready for an atypical plant that will reward you with sugary buds (in all ways), go ahead, Meringue might become your new favorite strain!
  • JERgarden
    8 October 2020
    8 October 2020
    • Advantages
      Very nice strain. Grows very bushy, strong stems and is very resistant to mold. The smell of the buds are unbelievable, very strong pine smell, very resinous and compacted buds.
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      Well, gotta say that this strain is now my favourite indica strain. She tastes like woody-pine with some tones of caramel at the end of the exhalation. Her effect is very relaxed, the very opposite of sativa effects. Its a mix of a very high-relaxed travel that lasts for at least 1 hour. Excellent strain, and for sure I´ll try it again in the future.

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