Mr Nice G13 X Hash Plant regular seeds

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Mr. Nice G13 X Hash Plant Regular by Sensi Seeds is a mix of cannabis strains popular in the 90s. The plant took the best from the parents and produces incredible sticky and resinous buds with spicy and hashish taste. The unique cross-breed is famous in Holland for being an all-rounder, giving your body an intense relaxing feel, an insanely high and clear mental focus.

  • Sensi Seeds
  • Regular
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Greenhouse
  • Takes to a gentler place of mind
  • G13 x Hash Plant
  • Multiple Cup Winner
  • Short
  • 60 days
  • 100% Indica
  • No official information

Mr. Nice G13 X Hash Plant Regular: Unique Heritage With ‘Double Afghani’ Blend

Mr. Nice G13 X Hash Plant Regular is a crossbreed cultivated in the 90s by Sensi Seeds. It is a combination of the 2 highest performing strains available. The end result is a plant producing an absurd amount of resin, trichomes and possesses high psychoactive elements.

Growing Details:

This strain will produce an average plant height with average yields indoors, however, the buds will be covered in sticky, aromatic resin which is incredibly floral and aromatic. We suggest growing in your preferred conditions in order to gain the maximum amount you can from the yielding process. Outdoors, this strain LOVES hot and dry environments. It will blossom out into a beautifully tall, sativa-like structure with enormous buds coming out the sides, filled with resin. We estimate you can rake in a super large yield of top-quality buds from this monster strain when exposed to plenty of sunlight.

  • A stone that almost completely effects the body, sending to into a pleasant couch lock.
  • Super potent and calming.
  • Spicy and hashish taste.
  • 100% Indica content, with an average flowering period.

Complex Layers of Flavor And Effects

The strain has a distinct citrusy taste and a fresh smell of ginger and lemon, which will fill your nostrils with the wonderful floral aroma. It has high levels of THC, so it’s perfect for those looking for a deep stone and relaxation.