Northern Lights feminized seeds (Sensi Seeds)

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Northern Lights Feminized from Sensi Seeds is a blast from the classic regular version preserving the same great qualities and enriched with an exotic touch in its lemony flavour, small size and a superfast maturing process of just 75 days. This Indica-dominant strain is recommended for users with pain issues and those requiring sleep-aid or other medicinal uses.

  • Sensi Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Legendary taste
  • Afghanistan
  • Multiple Cup Winner
  • 90 - 120 cm
  • High
  • 45 - 50 days
  • 10% Sativa / 90% Indica
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Northern Lights Feminized by Sensi Seeds: A Compact and Reliable Strain

Northern Lights is a feminized strain produced by the critically acclaimed manufacturers Sensi Seeds. The strain belongs to the Afghan genetics and is incredibly easy to grow for anyone looking to get into Indica growing. It produces a strong citrusy flavor – complete with a potent Indica effect.

The Northern Lights Feminized seeds every grower’s dream. They are very forgiving and quickly adapt to any changes in the growing environment, which makes them well-suited for novice growers and experts trying out new growing installations.

This Indica-dominant strain has a compact size of approx. 90-120 cm in height and 45 cm. of lateral stretch, which makes it ideal for indoor cultivation. Northern Lights Feminized is quite predictable and produces identical plants during the vegetation and flowering period, which normally takes around 45-50 days. The strain is resistant to mold and pests and delivers dense buds sparkling with trichomes by the end of the full maturation cycle, which takes 75 days if you aim at connoisseur-quality crops. To achieve this, Sensi Seeds recommend trimming the bottom branches during the flowering, to save all the energy for the buds. Outdoors you can expect a very generous yield, better suited to warm and sunny climates.

  • Superfast flowering time of 45-50 days.
  • Homogenous compact plants, suitable for SCROG.
  • Resistant to mold and pests.
  • Easily adjustable to training and changes in the environment.
  • Indica content of 90% - giving a classic deep body couch lock.

Improved Northern Lights Flavor as a Favor

Like many heavily Indica based strains from Sensi Seeds – Northern Lights Feminized has a lemony flavor which fills your taste buds with hints of juniper. It has a powerful, deep relaxing effect on the body and mind, which is incredibly potent for those who never tried Indica. It starts with a heavy body buzz that transforms into a relaxed and uplifting state of mind.