Northern Lights XL Auto feminized seeds

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Being one of the most popular strains of cannabis worldwide, Northern Lights XL is a mainly Indica strain that was bred from Afghani genetics in the 1970s, in the United States of America. Northern Lights XL came to Holland in the 1980s.

  • Zambeza Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Autoflowering
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Northern Lights XL x Ruderalis
  • 100 - 130 cm indoors
    120 - 150 cm outdoors
  • 350 - 400 g/m² indoors
    150 - 230 g/plant outdoors
  • 60 - 70 days
  • Indica dominant
  • 14 %

Zambeza Northern Light XL Autoflowering Feminised Seeds Info

Hardly any serious grower or cannabis connoisseur have not heard about the Northern Lights XL. This Indica dominant variety originated from the genetics brought to the USA from Afghanistan back in the seventies. A decade later, the plant arrived in the Netherlands, quickly becoming the first choice for indoor cultivations. Much has changed since then - new growing techniques became widespread, requiring different characteristics from the plant. Combining the good old strain with the modern technology, we have created the ultimate mix - autoflowering Northern Lights XL.

Our Northern Lights XL seeds are both feminised and autoflowering. The genetics of the plant, apart from the classical Northern Lights, include traits of Ruderalis and Big Bud. It is a perfect choice for indoor growing, as well as outdoor cultivation. It begins the flowering period virtually from the moment it sprouts, allowing it to mature after just 9 to 10 weeks.

Zambeza Seeds Northern Lights XL is definitely one of the best achievers in terms of yield among all available autoflowering cannabis strains. Reaching above the autoflowering average to 100-130 cm, it is certainly a well sized bush, which is reflected in the size of the crop. Growers in sunny areas report yields of up to 200 g, while indoors each plant average approximately 90 g.

With average high levels of THC and CBD, our Northern Lights XL is similar in taste and effect to the original Northern Lights. It produces a relaxing, pleasant mind effect, with a full flavour, fresh, sweet, citrus smoke.. Simply a great, autoflowering relative of the legendary Northern Lights. The ease of growth and comfy feel makes it a good choice for patients of medical marijuana.


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