OG Kush Auto (Cali Buds Seeds)

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OG Kush Auto is a feminized auto-flowering cannabis strain that’s incredibly resilient and rather easy to grow. It has an engulfing, long-lasting physical buzz that morphs into an enjoyable cerebral high. This strain has a strong, sweet and nutty flavor and citrus, lemon and herbal smell. Commonly used to combat stress, anxiety, depression, pain and insomnia, it’s perfect after an intense workout at the gym or long day at the office.

  • Cali Buds Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Autoflowering
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Tall
  • Mid September
  • 56 - 63 days
  • Indica dominant
  • 21 - 24%

OG Kush Auto – The Superstar Strain With A Steadfast High

This strain is insanely potent, and smoking it results in a strong, heavy-handed high that creeps up on you and pulls the rug right out from under your feet. It has strong couch-locking effects and is likely to lure you to sleep. However, its perfect Sativa/Indica balance makes it calming and relaxing without being too sedating, or uplifting without inducing anxiety.

OG Kush Auto – Knock-Out Nutty Flavor And Herbal Aroma

This strain has a pungent creamy flavor with subtle nuances of nuts and earth. Smoking OG Kush Auto leaves a dank, smoky and creamy aftertaste on the tongue. The scent of pine, citrus, and pungent earth mixes into a lovely aroma that gives this strain an edge over others. It also has mild, oily undertones that manifest themselves as you smoke.

Growing This Resilient And Fast-Growing Strain

OG Kush Auto is an insanely easy plant to grow. It’s wonderfully resilient and needs very little attention. It does well both indoors and outdoors and can be grown by both professionals and beginners. Indoors, it takes 75 days to finish harvesting and produces as much as 400g/m2 (14 oz/ft2). Grown outdoors, this strain yields around 175g (6 oz) per plant.

  • The plant grows up to 150cm (4.9 feet) in height. If you have limited growing space, topping and height control may be necessary.
  • It’s perfect for terraces, balconies and other tight grow spaces.
  • It requires frequent watering, although in small and controlled amounts.
  • It’s highly resistant to pests, fungi and disease.
  • A 20/4 light schedule through the strain’s entire life cycle is ideal for indoor cultivation.

Genetics With A Secret

OG Kush Auto has a mysterious background, and it’s hard to tell exactly where it came from and what its parent strains are. Many people believe it to be the result of a cross between Thai Lemon, Pakistani Kush and Chemdawg. Others swear it’s simply a unique Chemdawg clone from the early ‘90s. Either way, one thing is certain – thanks to its rich genetic heritage, OG Kush is almost bizarrely resilient and productive.