Original Auto Jack Herer feminized seeds

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Original Auto Jack Herer is an award-winning autoflowering cannabis variety. The plant produces a wonderfully-sized harvest of up to 500g/m² (about 18oz) in as little as 9 weeks (about 63 days) from germination, making it an ideal candidate for commercial cultivators. A spicy Sativa-dominant hybrid averaging up to 21% THC by dry weight, Original Auto Jack Herer induces a pleasant and easily manageable high to suit any time of day.

  • FastBuds
  • Feminized
  • Autoflowering
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Pleasant mindset
  • Jack Herer Autoflowering
  • 70 - 90 cm
  • 400 - 500 g/m² indoors
  • 63 days
  • Sativa dominant
  • 21 %
  • Low

Original Auto Jack Herer: An Astounding High

Original Auto Jack Herer is an autoflowering cannabis variety containing up to an astounding 21% THC by dry weight. Its Sativa-dominant properties induce a pleasantly cerebral high with focused and alerting effects. An excellent strain thanks to its euphoric and upbeat qualities, Original Auto Jack Herer can be enjoyed at all hours of the day for extended stress relief and boosting creativity. 

Tantalizing Aroma And Exquisite Flavor

The tantalizing aroma and exquisite flavor of Original Auto Jack Herer are sure to please. During flowering, its delightfully spicy fragrance smells of pepper with subtle hints of sweet citrus and mango. When smoked, the buds produce a distinctively earthy flavor profile suggestive of pepper and smooth spices, finishing with a fruity, citrus-like aftertaste that lingers long after your last smoke session.    

Growing Original Auto Jack Herer

Original Auto Jack Herer is an autoflowering cannabis variety that can reach heights of up to 90cm (about 3 feet). Suitable for both in and outdoor cultivation practices, this Sativa-dominant hybrid produces up to 500g/m2 (about 18oz) in as little as 9 weeks (63 days) from germination.

  • The plant’s short structure is easily concealable both in and outdoors.
  • It’s capable of growing outdoors throughout the year.
  • Consider utilizing a Sea of Green (SOG) grow method to help maximize yield.
  • The strain produces an abundance of sugar leaf. 

World-Renown Autoflowering Genetics

Original Auto Jack Herer is an autoflowering cannabis variety developed with Jack Herer Autoflowering genetics. While the exact lineage of Jack Herer Autoflowering remains a mystery, many believe it stems from a combination of Shiva Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze crossed with an undisclosed Ruderalis for its autoflowering capabilities. This world-renown strain is famous for providing users with a clear-headed high and boost of focused energy.