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Outlaw Amnesia is an 80% Sativa-dominant cannabis variety whose majority of characteristics were inherited from the Haze species. This feminized strain is ready after just 9 weeks, which is a record for a Haze and will produce XXL-sized yields of quality 15-20% THC laden buds, with 500g/m² possible in hydro.

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Dutch Passion
Outdoor Indoor Greenhouse
80% Sativa / 20% Indica
THC 22 - 26 %
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Outlaw Amnesia: Criminally Quick and Productive

Clearly, Dutch Passion does not think so and created the feminized strain Outlaw Amnesia. The cannabis strain was created with the help of the "old school" genetics of Haze combined by crossbreeding Super Haze with a special clone of Amnesia, to obtain the Sativa-dominant hybrid with the distinct taste of Haze. The resultant plant had higher resistances and was easier to water and feed, that is why she pairs well to beginners and experienced growers. The effects are very fast and powerful, and the taste will delight every admirer of Haze.

The 80% Sativa-dominant cannabis strain Outlaw is adequate for all growers and. She produces XXL sized yields and responds very well to Screen of Green (SCROG) growing techniques but you may see maximum results in hydroponics, producing 500g/m2. This strain is high in THC, ranging from 22-26%. To the moment of flowering, the bush height should only reach up to 50cm tall. The flowering period is relatively fast, ready for harvest after 9 weeks (the record for the Haze varieties). However, the experienced gardeners recommend delaying the harvest for several weeks and start harvesting at the 12-13th week of flowering.

Old-school Haze Flavor

 This strain has a Sativa dominance that shows in her powerful high that is very clear and uplifting. Thanks to the inclusion of the Haze genetics, she also has that classic Haze flavour that comes through in her aroma, and the taste is a strong old-school Haze with fresh and sour notes included.


  • Brand Dutch Passion
  • Sex Feminized
  • Flowering type Photoperiod
  • Suitable for Outdoor
  • Suitable for Indoor
  • Suitable for Greenhouse
  • Effect Fast hitter
  • Genetics Super Haze x Amnesia
  • Yield 500+ g/m² indoors
  • Flowering indoors 63 days
  • Genotype 80% Sativa / 20% Indica
  • THC 22 - 26 %
  • TheCannaProphet
    1 April 2022
    1 April 2022
    • Advantages
      The high is powerful and fast with a clear uplifting sativa high and a strong Haze accent. The taste is fresh, sour, strong and old-school Hazy
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      Dutch Passion's Outlaw amnesia is a true old-school Haze of first-class quality. What’s unique about her is that despite being able to deliver an authentic old school Haze smoke experience, she is still very easy to grow so that even newbie growers can look forward to a bountiful harvest!
      She delivers a very powerful high that is fast-hitting, very clear and euphoric, positive and uplifting. Together with her excellent Haze high she hits you with a fantastic old-school flavor that is strong and Hazey but with wonderful fresh and sour notes mixed in as well.... I'm really falling in love with this strain!
      As this strain produces such a potent cerebral high I wouldn't recommended it for daytime use, but is an excellent evening medication. Outlaw Amnesia may also be useful to those dealing with anxiety and depression, as it is not usually a strain that leaves users trapped in their own heads. It also may be effective in combating anxiety based insomnia, migraines and glaucoma as well.
      I highly recommend Outlaw Amnesia and will be running her again soon! 💚😎👍
  • TheCannaProphet
    25 March 2022
    25 March 2022
    • Advantages
      Growing Haze strains normally always means a little more effort and patience compared to other strains, but you won’t see such troubles when you grow this lady. Looking for an uncomplicated, easy and fast growing top quality Haze? Well look no further because this is exactly what Outlaw Amnesia will provide you, and why you can't go wrong when you grow her!
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      I started her in a Peat Pellet, then transferred into a 2g pot and finally into a 10g fabric pot, all filled with Coco/Perlite.
      She was fed nothing but 100% Organic Dry Amendments and weekly Compost Tea's and was on a 18/6 Vegetation light cycle, then flipped at Day 49 and placed on a 11/13 light cycle for flowering. I kept the VPD in the 4x8 Gorilla tent in the optimal range by keeping temp's and RH on point and supplemented co2 @ 800-1400ppm's throughout the run.
      For a Haze, she'll go through her flowering rather fast in around 63 days where she’ll reward you with up to 500g/m² of bud. My phenotype was ready at Week 9 and I went ahead and let her go another few days which was a wise decision judging from the results!
      She doesn’t require rocket science to grow her and does very well in any growing medium and did really well in my Coco/Perlite mix getting fed 100% organic amendments. If there is one thing that you should keep an eye on though it’s her stretch that can be quite impressive when she flowers, so it’s best if you make sure she has enough space when you grow her. Outlaw Amnesia responds very well to SCRoG style growing setups.
      I really enjoyed cultivating this strain for the first time and will be running it again sometime in the future I'm sure! 👍👍💚
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