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Panama Regular seeds

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Panama Standard is a regular cannabis strain by Ace Seeds, which combines 3 excellent red Sativas from both Columbia and Panama. The uniform hybrid has a strong vegetative vigour and produces beautifully large and resinous buds with 15-21% THC in just 9-12 weeks indoors.

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Ace Seeds
Outdoor Indoor
100% Sativa
THC 15 - 21 %
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Panama Regular - Excellent Vigorous Sativa

This strain is excellent for both indoor and outdoor growing, with the Sativa plant having excellent adaptability to indoor growing. It accepts high levels of nutrients throughout the whole life cycle, producing enormous yields by the time harvesting comes around. It can be grown up to a latitude of 45N and will have an indoor flowering period of only 9-12 weeks. Outdoors it will be available to harvest around the 3rd week of October. This tall Sativa plant is very adaptable to northern European climates, even growing in cold areas such as Eastern Europe. It has a high resistance to common grower grudges, such as spider mites, mold and mildew – whilst still producing high yields.

  • Regular 100% Sativa strain.
  • Excellent for colder climates.
  • Powerful psychedelic effect.
  • Clean, lemony aroma and flavor.

Great for Growers and Users Alike

This strain will give you a complete, 100% Sativa sensation – producing a powerful and heavy effect on the mind. The red phenotypes usually have a very heavy effect, whilst green phenotypes will provide a much cleaner experience, packed full of energy. The aroma is deeply penetrating with lemon, vanilla and incense taste. Some phenos may also display a delicious strawberry aroma.


  • Brand Ace Seeds
  • Sex Regular
  • Flowering type Photoperiod
  • Suitable for Outdoor
  • Suitable for Indoor
  • Effect Begin your own mind trip
  • Genetics Panamanian Sativas
  • Height High
  • Yield High
  • Flowering indoors 63 - 84 days
  • Outdoor finish Mid October
  • Genotype 100% Sativa
  • THC 15 - 21 %
  • Fletch
    2 January 2020
    2 January 2020
    • Advantages
      Big, strong, bushy plants will fill any available space. Pure Sativa energy buzz with intense exotic flavor.
    • Disadvantages
      Flower early to contain height. Heavy feeder during early bloom.
    • General impressions
      Beautiful sticky Monster.
    5 February 2020


    Thank you for the review.
    Indeed, this strain can grow very high if you keep it on vegetation for long enough. You can use it to achieve better harvest or make it flower to contain its height.

    Respectfully, Herbies Seeds

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