Papaya feminized seeds

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With soothing tropical vibes and a high THC rating of 25%, Papaya is a sweet, tangy strain that masterfully blends flavors of citrus, mango, and papaya without pulling any punches. This delicious and potent Jock Horror x Skunk #1 cross is euphoric, social, and will make you the life of any party – a fantastic companion for a beach trip or a night out!

  • Nirvana Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Indoor
  • A portion of vivacity and relaxation
  • Jock Horror x Skunk #1
  • Medium
  • 350 - 450 g/m² indoors
  • 63 - 70 days
  • Sativa / Indica hybrid
  • 18 - 24 %
  • Low

Papaya Strain Information

These feminized Papaya seeds come from Dutch breeder Nirvana Seeds. It has a fairly obscure history, tracing its origins back to Jock Horror and Skunk #1. While information on this strain may be hazy, facts are facts: Papaya is an incredible strain for those with the skill, persistence, and dedication to nurture it into maturity.


Papaya’s family tree is rooted in its parents, Jock Horror and Skunk #1. Jock Horror is a Dutch Sativa-dominant hybrid with an uplifting buzz, while Skunk #1 is a legendary strain with European roots, identifiable by its unique skunky scent.

Flowering Time

Papaya isn’t in any hurry to grow up. It’s not ready for harvest until 9-10 weeks (63-70 days) of flowering after the switch to 12/12.


Indoor yields for Papaya can reach 450g/m2 (13.27oz/ft2). That’s not too shabby, and it’s the quality of buds you can pull on harvest day that makes this strain truly shine.


Papaya’s high is a lively blend of vivacity and relaxation. As a Sativa/Indica hybrid, it brings the best of both genetic worlds to the table. Its effects will help you relax and unwind at the end of a long day without putting you to sleep, making it an excellent afternoon smoke.

Papaya effects
Papaya weed effects
Papaya strain effects
Effects of Papaya

Smell And Taste

Papaya has an enticing, welcoming fragrance. Its terpene profile combines a unique palette of flavors including sweet mango and spicy heat. These two sensations culminate in a fire-and-ice contrast as its heavy smoke rolls across the tongue.

THC And CBD Levels

With THC content that can reach up to 25%, Papaya is more potent than most strains. This high THC concentration is the reason for its potency, but also its long flowering time.

Growing Tips

This strain can be fairly difficult to grow, so it’s recommended for cultivators with prior experience. Don’t let that discourage you, though – give Papaya a chance! Nirvana Seeds suggests growing Papaya indoors for better control of environmental variables.

  • Use potassium supplements when growing in soilless media.
  • Stems are thin and weak, so use growing techniques like SOG to protect the stems and ensure a successful grow cycle.
  • Avoid growing this strain outdoors. It requires the dialed-in environment only indoor gardens can provide.

Papaya Seeds

These Papaya seeds come feminized, making them less of a hassle than regular seeds. We carry these Papaya and a host of other seeds for sale online.

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