Peppermint Kush feminized seeds

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Peppermint Kush from Barney’s Farm is an almost a pure Indica cannabis strain, a cross between Stella Blue and Nepali Kush. Its rich, spicy flavors, enticing minty aromas and high 22% THC content mean that every bud in her 550g/m² production is brimming with perfection. All this in just 7-8 weeks.

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Barney's Farm
Outdoor Indoor Greenhouse
10% Sativa / 90% Indica
THC 22 % CBD 1.1 %
All characteristics

Ideal For Beginners

In order to create this unique and mesmerizing cannabis strain, Barney’s Farm have crossed Stella Blue with Nepali Kush. Peppermint Kush is a 90% Indica-dominant cross with a rich and flavorsome aroma and high potency that will surely satisfy even the most demanding of connoisseurs.

She stays short in stature, growing from 80-90cm in height both indoors and outdoors and with great resistance to disease and pests, this strain is ideal for all environments and setups and is well suited for inexperienced growers; this plant can look after itself and doesn’t need much attention. You can count on Growth being fast and vigorous and finishing in just 7-8weeks, it will yield up to 550g/m2 of buds heavily loaded in cannabinoid. Buds will fill medium length branches and can often display a wide variety of colors.

  • Recommended Nutrients: Canna, Atami, Growth Technology.
  • Recommended Techniques: Low Stress Training (LST), to increase those bud sites, and Topping for extra colas growth.
  • Good bud to leaf ratio makes it easy to trim
  • 16 plants/m2 is recommended in SOG
  • Lighting: Responds well to HID 400W during vegetation states, increasing to HID 600W during the flowering period.
  • Usually testing at ~22% and ~2% CBD

Peppermint Kush: Fresh And Spicy Indica

The effects are strong and powerful, euphoric at times and deeply relaxing and calming. It’s used to treat stress, anxiety, glaucoma and nausea among other conditions thanks to her potent THC and good CBD. Flavors are aromatic, minty and spicy with hints of pepper and aromas are fresh, minty with piney undertones.


  • Brand Barney's Farm
  • Sex Feminized
  • Flowering type Photoperiod
  • Suitable for Outdoor
  • Suitable for Indoor
  • Suitable for Greenhouse
  • Effect Hard hard stone
  • Genetics Stella Blue x Nepali Kush
  • Height 80 - 90 cm
  • Yield 550 g/m² indoors
  • Flowering indoors 50 - 55 days
  • Outdoor finish Mid September
  • Genotype 10% Sativa / 90% Indica
  • THC 22 %
  • CBD 1.1 %

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    • Advantages
      Yummy strain! Dense buds!
      Heavy-yielding strain
      Fast growing
      Likes topping
      The taste is awesome. Delicious candy-like taste.
    • Disadvantages
      Dry eyes
    • General impressions
      My friends and I like this strain! I do recommend it.
    • Advantages
      Easy to grow with good yields.
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      Great strain to grow with a pepperminty kinda smell too the crystaly fat nugs.
      Dry Weight For 1 Plant: 5.24oz
    16 October 2020

    Thank you for your review CheapskateNZ,

    It is really nice to know that you like this strain and that it has proven to be an easy and reliable strain to grow, thank you!

    Respectfully, Herbies Seeds
    • Advantages
      Her aromas are awesome!
    • Disadvantages
      Can cause dry eyes
    • General impressions
      Every time I smoke it I feel happy and relaxed!😊 Absolutely love this strain! Will grow it again for sure.