Polar Bear LTD feminized seeds

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The Polar Bear LTD cannabis strain is for those that need a potent and hibernation-inducing effect. This limited variety is an OG/Kush hybrid that’s packing a sky-high THC content. She’s relatively easy to grow and flowers in a roughly 8-weeks, making her the ideal cannabis plant for those that need deep sleep.

  • Karma Genetics
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Drags into the cave of relaxation
  • Bear OG f1 x White OG V2.0
  • Medium
  • Medium / High
  • 56 - 63 days
  • Sativa / Indica hybrid
  • No official information

Polar Bear LTD: Dense Buds For a Knockout Effect

The Polar Bear LTD cannabis strain was bred by crossing Bear OG and White OG. Each of these hard-to-find classics offers the best characteristics of the Kush and OG realm. You’ll find phenotypes that are short in height and still yield over 500g/㎡ of heavy-hitting buds.

When growing Polar Bear LTD regular cannabis seeds, you should take note of your grow area. Polar Bear LTD is short to medium growing plant, and you may benefit from growing her in the SOG or ScrOG style to increase your yield. Don’t be too shy during her vegetative stage, but don’t allow her to grow too large at the same time, or you may be in for a surprise during the stretch during pre-flowering.

Her nutrient dosage is standard, but be careful with using too much fertilizer, as OG dominant varieties are known to be sensitive.

  • Smell: Pungent;
  • pH: 6.5;
  • EC: 1.6 (flowering);
  • Container Size: 11L.

When You’re Ready to Hibernate

The Polar Bear LTD cannabis strain doesn’t play around. Once you’re locked into her grip, she’ll drag you into her cave of relaxation, and you’ll be forced to sleep. The sour-fuel-lemon-pine taste will fill your lungs, and you’ll be shocked at how you slept well past your alarm clock.