Pounder Auto feminized seeds


Auto Pounder: Perfect For All Skill Levels

The Auto Pounder autoflowering cannabis strain is perfect for any skill level - from total beginner to expert. The Auto Pounder strain grows small and has a maximum height of 100cm. She is easy on any cultivator because she has many resistances to poor environmental conditions and pests. Growing Auto Pounder is like growing on cruise-control - you can just kick back and harvest kilos as they come. Bred by crossing high-yielding genetics, such as Big Bud and Power Plant, Auto Pounder is as good as it gets.

Auto Pounder autoflowering cannabis seeds are genetically wired to produce massive yields. It is essential that you place support poles per plant. By utilizing the Sea of Green method, you can ensure that you will find an optimal harvest.

Auto Pounder is resistant to diseases and pests, which are constant factors that plague any cannabis grower.

  • Plant to Lamp DIstance: 40cm;
  • Indoor Temperature: 32℃ or Less;
  • Indoor Humidity: 70% or Less;
  • Recommended Nutrients: Advanced Nutrients (Hydro);
  • pH (Soil): 6.5;
  • EC: 1.8.

Sleep Walk With Auto Pounder

As you inhale on the spicy and tangy citrus flavors of Auto Pounder, you will find your mind and body being pounded by 18% levels of THC. The effects of Auto Pounder are blissful, and you may find yourself aimlessly walking without a care in the world. However, if you overindulge, you may find yourself looking for the nearest bed.


  • AKA seed bank. They create and preserve cannabis genetics, then we get them to you.

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    Brand Auto Seeds
  • Regular or feminized. Pick feminized if you want female plants only.

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    Type of seeds Feminized
  • Either autoflowering or photoperiod. Both have their pros and cons, but growing autos is easier.

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    Type of seeds Autoflowering
  • This strain is perfect for growing both indoors and outdoors.

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    Suitable for growing Indoor, Outdoor
  • Each strain produces a certain effect on your body. This is what you can expect from this variety.

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    Effect* Pound of freshness
  • Genetic composition of the strain. Shows parent strains that were used to create this particular variety.

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    Genetics Auto #1 х Big Bud х Power Plant
  • This is how tall the plant can become. Use this info when planning your grow space.

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    Height 60 - 100 cm
  • This is how much bud you can get from this variety come harvest time.

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    Harvest 450 - 650 g/m² indoors
  • Total time required to fully grow a plant, from germination to harvest.

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    From seed to harvest 70 - 80 days
  • The ratio of Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis in this particular variety.

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    % Sativa/ Indica/ Ruderalis Indica dominant
  • The main psychoactive compound in cannabis. The higher THC level, the more potent the strain.

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    THC 15 - 18 %
  • This compound doesn't get you high but is known to be highly medicinal and calming.

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    CBD 1 %

*Herbies sells cannabis seeds exclusively as souvenirs that aren’t meant for cultivation or germination.
Customers should be aware that the germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in most countries. Herbies sells cannabis seeds exclusively for collecting and preservation for future generations. We advise customers to check with their local laws before germination, as Herbies does not accept responsibility for the illegal use of our products.

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