Santa Marta Haze feminized seeds

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Santa Marta Haze is a feminized cannabis strain from Seed Stockers that produces big yields and an amazing psychedelic high. A true Sativa variety with high THC levels, Santa Marta Haze has a fruity flavor profile and strong cerebral effects. With a high that can last for hours, this is a strain that’s best enjoyed on weekends or after work.

  • Seed Stockers
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • The Saint's touch
  • Amnesia Haze x Columbian Jungle Haze
  • High
  • 105 days
  • Sativa dominant
  • High

Santa Marta Haze: A Soaring, Mind-Blowing High

Santa Marta Haze is a Sativa feminized cannabis variety with THC levels ranging from about 15-20%. While this may not sound too extreme at first glance, the high produced by Santa Marta Haze is very strong. Users experience powerful psychedelic effects that can last for hours on end. As is the case with most heavy-hitting psychedelic strains, new users should go slow with this variety.

Complex And Delightful Aromas And Flavors

Santa Marta Haze has a complicated and well-rounded aroma and taste profile. It has an incredibly fresh scent that’s predominantly fruity, with hints of lemon. However, you will also be able to detect hints of earthiness and especially pine just underneath. Just like its parent strain, Amnesia Haze, Santa Marta Haze has herbal, peppery and citrus terpenes which help give it its unique flavors.

Santa Marta Haze: Get Ready For Big and Beautiful Harvests

Santa Marta Haze is a delight to grow, both for inexperienced cultivators and veteran growers. While this feminized cannabis strain requires a fairly long flowering period, it delivers great results in terms of both yields and looks.

  • This strain should be allowed to flower for 105 days for best results.
  • This is a big plant and can grow 3-4m (9’10”-13’1”) in height.
  • It delivers very large harvests and is best suited to tropical climates.
  • With thin leaves and buds frosted with resin, this is an exceptionally beautiful plant.

Santa Marta Haze: Award-Winning Genetics

This feminized marijuana strain is mainly derived from two parent varieties, Amnesia Haze and Santa Marta, the latter of which is also known as Columbian Jungle Haze. Santa Marta Haze has inherited a lot of traits from Amnesia Haze such as its complex earthy and citrusy flavors, along with its uplifting characteristics. Itself is a multi-award winning strain, Amnesia Haze has passed along to Santa Marta Haze some excellent genetic traits.