Shiva Blue Regular seeds

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Shiva Blue is ideal for beginner growers willing to get to know a true Indica. This regular cannabis strain will please with short flowering time, dense resinous flowers of dark purple color, and earthy yet sweet flavors.

  • Xtreme Seeds
  • Regular
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • To the Moon and back
  • MBC 99 x HashPlant
  • 400 - 500 g/m²
  • 45 - 50 days
  • Mid September
  • 100% Indica
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Heaven’s Pride

Shiva Blue is will fill your garden with exotic colors and sweet-earthy aromatic tones, making you feel like you are in an Indica heaven. This baby won’t knock you out, but has very sedative effects to mellow out any mood.  Great for novice growers and users.

Pure Indica

This strain has a 50% chance of producing females. Both sexes will grow into classic compact Indica structures. Vigorous Shiva Blue can grow bigger than normal Indicas. Indoor growers should expect her to double her size during pre-flowering’s stretch period. It’s an excellent strain to apply LST, mainlining and other topping techniques.

Shiva Blue will grow in a beautiful plant with its leaves and even the calyxes quickly turning purple resulting in dark plants covered with shiny resin all over. 

Flowering phase lasts less than 2 months. Outdoors growers in the Northern hemisphere can expect to harvest mid-September, or even by the end of August.

Despite the short flowering time, production is quite good. Average yield is between 400 and 500 g/m2.

A Day-Time Indica

Shiva Blue regular has a mild narcotic effect which makes it comfortable for day-time use and social activities. These plants will reek of hash, but the flavor reminds of sweet, earthy fields.