Skywalka Ghost Kush feminized seeds

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Skywalka Ghost OG from Big Head Seeds is a powerful Indica-dominant hybrid reporting one of the highest THC levels ever reported – a whopping 30%! Solid 500g/m2 yields, complex terpene profile with spicy and earthy notes and extreme potency makes this feminized strain a top-shelf product!

  • Big Head Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • A mindspace of fun and giggles
  • Skywalker OG x Ghost OG x OG Kush
  • 63 days
  • Indica dominant
  • 20 - 30 %

Skywalka Ghost Kush: One For The Record Books

Skywalka Ghost Kush is a feminized cannabis strain brought to you by Big Head Seeds. This insanely potent, Indica-dominant hybrid may just be one of the most potent strains to grace the earth. It is not a surprise when you consider her genetic lineage: Skywalker OG x Ghost OG x OG Kush.

An Impressive, Rare Find

There aren’t many strains that can boast THC levels of an unbelievable 30%, Skywalka Ghost Kush holds the title proudly and is the perfect strain for true cannabis connoisseurs – you can be sure that few others will have come across a strain as mighty as this one. Boasting impressive potential yields to match, an average of 500 g/m2 in a flowering period of approximately 9 weeks this beauty is worth the wait. Her Indica-dominant genetics produce gorgeous dense buds but also short and stocky plant, ideal for cultivators lacking space. Here is some more information to help you grow this strain:

  • Short height – Skywalka Ghost Kush grow to a final height of just over 1.0 m.
  • Max EC of water – 1.2 in veg, up to 1.6 in flower.
  • Water pH; 5.8 – 6.0.
  • Recommended lighting: Veg: 300W LED, Flower: 600W LED.
  • Recommended nutrients: Nectar for the Gods Range.

Definitely Not One For Beginners

Even the most experienced cannabis enthusiast is sure to be knocked off their feet by this unbelievably powerful strain. Skywalka Ghost Kush has a complex terpene profile that is herbal and earthy with notes of spices. She will truly transport you to another world of contentment and joy, so cancel your plans for the rest of the day and just sit back and relax.