Sour Lemon OG feminized seeds (Emerald Triangle Seeds)

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When mainstream sugary-sweet cannabis strains start to weary and your heart is asking for a new portion of excitement, Sour Lemon OG is here for you! This feminized weed variety is for every fan of Sour Patch out there, as it combines the flavor of zesty lemon with sour green apple, a wild combo that’s sure to electrify your taste buds! The effects of this cannabis strain are energizing and uplifting. Don’t wait to smoke until late at night because Sour Lemon OG won’t let you sleep!

  • Emerald Triangle Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Social high
  • California Sour x Lemon OG (unique OG pheno)
  • High
  • Medium
  • 70 - 77 days
  • October
  • 65% Sativa / 35% Indica
  • No official information

What To Expect From Sour Lemon OG Buds

Even after being properly dried and cured, Sour Lemon OG buds remain sticky to the touch thanks to being completely covered in crystals of resin. Crush one and your fingertips will instantly start smelling like fresh citrus fruit because of the terpene overload in every bud. Sour Lemon OG is extremely pleasant to smoke, providing a distinct flavor and aroma that combines zesty lemon, juicy lime, sour apple, and just a hint of classic Kush.

The effects of Sour Lemon OG by Emerald Triangle Seeds are up to par with the electrifying taste. Just a couple of tokes and you become a new person with fully recharged batteries. This energy will last you through hours of partying and socializing, as well as working out and other physical activities.

What’s It Like To Grow Sour Lemon OG?

This feminized cannabis strain is known to have several periods of intensified growth. First, it develops vigorously during the vegetative stage. Then, during the initial 2 weeks of the flowering period, Sour Lemon OG finishes developing its infrastructure with plump nodes and bud sites. Finally, after a period of slowed-down growth focused on the buds, the last 2 weeks of flowering show increased resin production and sped-up bud growth. As a result, in 10-11 weeks indoors or by late October outdoors, you’re going to harvest thick, bubbly colas covered in fat, sticky, wet-looking buds!

  • The plant gets really pungent by the end of flowering, so make sure to have carbon filters ready.
  • Sour Lemon OG has been proven to benefit greatly from trellising.
  • It’s also hungry for nutrients, and will benefit from increased nitrogen during the vegetative stage and calcium and magnesium throughout its lifecycle.
  • The breeder describes Sour Lemon OG as especially resistant to disease.

The Verdict: Who Is Sour Lemon OG For?

This feminized cannabis strain is a joy to grow as well as to smoke. It doesn’t require any special treatment besides the small tips included in the previous section, and thus can be grown by newbies with some research done beforehand. Go for Sour Lemon OG if you’re looking for a flavor-unique strain with effects that are perfect for activities requiring lots of energy. And it really is unique, because to breed Sour Lemon OG, Emerald Triangle Seeds used a special Lemon OG pheno only available to them.