Sour Livers Auto feminized seeds

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Sour Livers is a high-quality autoflowering strain. The Ruderalis genetics was specifically bred with a mixture of Blues to provide a very tasty bud that has been celebrated since being released. Great for unwinding after a long day.

  • Mephisto Genetics
  • Feminized
  • Autoflowering
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Ultra relaxation
  • The Livers x Sour Crack F5
  • 45 - 65 cm
  • 90 - 120 g/plant
  • 60 - 70 days
  • 20% Sativa / 80% Indica
  • No official information

Sour Livers – High-Producing Auto

Sour Livers is a project created by the infamous Mephisto Genetics. Back in 2015, the company set about creating a strain to improve the quality of auto blues. The end result is crossing of Sour Blues and Chem City Blues, creating a powerful and smooth Indica plant.

This strain is an autoflowering plant. It was developed to produce incredibly thick, resinous buds with a super fast flowering time of 60-70 days. It has a high THC content of 20+% and will yield a total amount of around 90-120 grams of quality buds in each plant. The total height is somewhere around 45-65cm, meaning it’s ideal for discreet growers outdoors. It does not need any kind of life cycle to start flowering and will thrive in both indoor and outdoor terrain. Indoors you will not have to flip any lights for the strain to start flowering automatically with densely thick buds that are highly aromatic. It can be grown with a SoG (Sea of Green) growing method to produce even higher yields per square meter. We recommend investing in a carbon filter indoors.

  • Great sweet and sour taste.
  • Highly potent.
  • Sedative and happy effect.
  • Ideal medicinal properties for pain, insomnia and appetite.

Sour and Sweet, Great for A Treat

This strain comes with a compact growth height and a highly intoxicating scent and a great flavor. It will produce incredibly thick, dense buds with high levels of resin. The Sour Crack and Auto Blues flavors really shine out when consuming this quality strain.

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