Super Lemon Haze x Strawberry Banana x Bubba Kush

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Super Lemon Haze x Strawberry Banana x Bubba Kush is a feminized cannabis strain with 9-10 weeks of flowering times to satisfy those looking for dense buds with pungent scents and powerful sedative effects. The aromas and mental buzz from the Super Lemon Haze are also there in this ideal, good yielding indoors strain!

  • Green House Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Great balance and incredible taste
  • Super Lemon Haze x Strawberry Banana x Bubba Kush
  • 63 - 70 days
  • Early October
  • Sativa / Indica hybrid
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Super Lemon Haze x Strawberry Banana x Bubba Kush

Super Lemon Haze x Strawberry Banana x Bubba Kush feminized cannabis seeds provide resilient plants with just over 2 months of flowering time and moderate yields. Incredible mix of sour, sweet and spicy flavors flows next to its potent effects.

Indicas Meet Haze

This strain displays a blend of the Bubba Kush aromatic profile, and flowering development and sweetness of Strawberry Banana, plus the resilience both have to cold temperatures. It stretches moderately and generates thick and fat flowers filled with huge, sticky resin glands. On top of that, it keeps the yielding capabilities and terpenes from the Super Lemon Haze and its ability to withstand high heats. Great for indoor novice growers or unstable climates but proper air circulation is important.

Flowering time is around 63 days; with some phenotypes taking a week longer to completely ripen their buds. Outdoor harvests should be done by the end of September or beginning of October for medium-sized yields.

  • Indoor light per m2: 600 Watts (HID), 240-300 Watts (High Efficiency LEDs)
  • Min. Temps: 50F / 10 C
  • Avoid high humidity during flowering
  • 1.0-1.4 EC during vegetation; 1.5-1.7 EC during flowering
  • Great for SOG, SCROG and Mainline

Sweet-n-Sour Flavors

Medicinal users who don’t mind psychoactive effects adore this spicy and lemony profile, that has a strong coffee aftertaste with little citrus hints. The long-lasting effects of this strain are powerful in the mind and body, perfect for leisure activities that require little effort.