Tease Auto feminized seeds

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Tease Auto is an autoflowering cannabis hybrid that’s sure to you on your toes with its pungent aromas. It’s Indica-dominant genetics make this strain best for nighttime use, although some users also find its pain-relieving traits help minimize discomfort throughout the day. Tease Auto’s classic skunk aroma is as potent as can be, delivering relaxing, calming and therapeutic effects.

  • Dr Krippling Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Teasing storm
  • G13 Skunk
  • 75 days
  • 17 %

A Kick Back & Relax Kind Of High

The Tease autoflower strain will relieve pain and mellow the mood with its calming Indica traits, providing not only comfort for the body, but a hint of clarity and euphoria from its Sativa characteristics as well. THC levels of nearly 17% help soothe the body while equally stimulating the mind.

Tease Auto: Smooth & Skunky Flavor And Aroma

Tease Auto is as potent in flavor and aroma as it is in its powerful relaxing effects. The strain shares its lineage with the legendary Skunk, boosting the scents of its namesake. You won’t be teased with a lack of flavor – expect robust skunky, yet fresh and natural tastes from Tease’s smooth and silky hits.

A Hybrid That’s Vigorous & Versatile In Growth

Versatile for indoor or outdoor growth, Tease Auto has a strong genetic background that shines through in her vigorous growth. The strain develops to a medium size and packs on dense, crystal-coated buds. Considering its moderate stature, the strain delivers unusually heavy yields averaging 500-650g/m² (1.64-2.13 oz/ft²). With a growing cycle of approximately 75 days, Tease Auto has a moderate difficulty for cultivators due to the need for additional monitoring.

  • The plant will require staking to uphold heavy branches.
  • Due to the strain’s pungent scent, extra odor control is necessary.
  • It thrives in indoor environments but can also be grown successfully outdoors. 
  • Humidity should be closely monitored and kept at medium-high levels.
  • It benefits from sea of green (SoG) cultivation.

Tease Auto: A Rare Combination Of Established Genetics

The breeding of established genetics like G13 Skunk and Red Leicester have curated a strain that delivers balanced effects with strong and proven growth. Tease Auto has an aroma profile like no other, with unmatched flavor and relaxing Indica traits suited for daytime or evening use. The strain is highly effective at alleviating pain while providing uplifting and euphoric effects.