Tha Melon Regular seeds

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For fans of fruity flavors, THA Melon regular is a hard-to-beat strain. An Indica dominant hybrid, this pairing of Melon and Biker Kush is a flavorsome and intense strain that is perfect for anyone who loves resin extracts.

  • Karma Genetics
  • Regular
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Relax with summer notes
  • Melon x Biker Kush
  • Medium
  • Medium
  • 56 - 70 days
  • Indica dominant
  • High

A Fruity Pleasure

Tha Melon regular takes the best characteristic of the Melon strain – its complex scent and fruity flavor – with the power and potency of the well-known and much-beloved Biker Kush, known for its very intense effects.

This Indica dominant hybrid has a unique melon taste and produces a huge amount of trichomes ensuring that this is the ideal strain for any lover of resin extracts. You can expect rapid growth from this plant, and although the yield is average in size, the buds are top quality, with huge calyxes that are covered in resin glands.

The aroma produced is penetrating and complex, blending earthy notes with the fruitiness of a sugared cantaloupe melon.

  • Indoor flowering time – 8-10 weeks
  • Yield – average to high
  • THC Content – high
  • Photoperiod flowering
  • Stretch – medium

A Sugared Melon

If you love fruity flavors from your smoke, you’re sure to love Tha Melon regular. This hybrid strain has a sugared melon taste on your palate with earthy undertones, and its effects are wonderfully relaxing and stress-busting – gentle enough to soothe you after a long, hard day.

Tha Melon Reg – A Great Choice

If you’re seeking a strain with impressive genetics, a relaxing effect, and a fruity taste, Tha Melon regular is the hybrid for you. With its rapid growth and impressive resin production, it’s the ideal choice for anyone who loves resin extracts.