Ultra Skunk feminized seeds

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The feminized Ultra Skunk is a quality cannabis strain developed by Dutch Passion. This plant is the result of the Dutch Passion ‘1999 Skunk Project’ – their goal was to create the tastiest, most effective strain, with L sized yields and a short flowering time, too.

  • Dutch Passion
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Greenhouse
  • A portion of vivacity and relaxation
  • Skunk
  • 60 - 80 cm indoors
  • 300 - 400 g/m² indoors
  • 56 - 63 days
  • 60% Sativa / 40% Indica
  • 15 - 20 %

Ultra Skunk: Resistant and Strong

Ultra Skunk is a new breed of Dutch and Swiss Skunk blended together with several other Skunk genetics that Dutch Passion keep a close-guarded secret. Their aim being to create the best possible Skunk strains in existence – try it and see the results for yourself!

This strain will have a very quick flowering period of 8.5 weeks, so you won’t have to wait long at all for those long, thick resinous buds to develop with insane trichomes and woody pistils. The unique mix of Sativa and Indica gives the plant a strong structure, whilst the 60% Sativa propels each plant to very reasonable heights both outdoors and in, where she will achieve a total indoor height of 60-80cm. She is a very durable strain that can protect herself in harsh environments, especially against spider mites. Each seed is filled with quality, consistency and a large yield production.

  • Produces heavy buds that are bursting with crystals
  • Recommended Techniques: Low stress Training, Topping and Defoliation
  • Indoor Lighting Suggestion: LED 1000W for both flowering and vegetation stages
  • Very consistent quality in each batch
  • High Resistance to Molds and Pests

Skunk Flavor And Aroma Galore

The taste of this strain is reminiscent of quality sweetness with a skunky fruit flavour, mixed with clear hints of cedar wood – classics of the Skunk variety, the qualities of which extend also into the effects; It has an incredibly long lasting, very uplifting high that is best consumed in the day rather than at night.