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Wedding Cake Auto feminized seeds (Original Sensible Seeds)

Wedding Cake Auto is an autoflowering cannabis strain that will deliver the whole song and dance of massive harvests and super-fast flowering. In addition to this, its high potency will leave you feeling like you’ve danced the night away, with a couch-lock that will put any insomniac to sleep. That makes this a good choice for that end-of-the-day or after-party smoke.

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Original Sensible Seeds
Outdoor Indoor
Indica / Sativa / Ruderalis hybrid
THC 20 %
All characteristics

Wedding Cake Auto Strain Info

Wedding Cake Auto is an awesome Sativa-Indica-Ruderalis hybrid strain for those who are looking for something one-of-a-kind. Bred by crossing two marijuana soulmates with a Ruderalis, Wedding Cake Auto offers growers exciting traits never before seen in the cannabis world. This lineage is where the strain gets much of its incredible flavor from, creating something truly unique.


You can enjoy a family tree with the likes of Wedding Cake, Girl Scout Cookies, Ruderalis, and Cherry Pie, working together to create the flavor medley from your dreams.

Wedding Cake Auto Grow Report

Wedding Cake Auto Grow Report

Flowering Time

This strain marches you down the aisle and introduces you to a bouquet of buds within a flowering time of just 65-70 days from germination.


Take home buckets of your fantastic yields, producing harvests of 450g/m2 (1.47oz/ft2) indoors and 150g (5.2oz) per plant outdoors.


With this beautiful autoflowering marijuana strain, you will be rewarded with thick layers of resin icing the top of your buds, making Wedding Cake Auto a nicely potent plant. With that, the effects are what will tie the knot, so expect a heavy dose of relaxation that will leave you glued to the couch in a blissful daze for hours and hours.

Wedding Cake Auto effects
Wedding Cake Auto weed effects
Wedding Cake Auto strain effects
Effects of Wedding Cake Auto

Medical Properties

With its highly relaxing and sleep-inducing properties, it’s also an excellent choice for those dealing with severe insomnia.

THC Levels

You can credit Wedding Cake Auto’s potency and effects to its excellent 20% THC content.

Smell and Taste

Wedding Cake Auto is all about showing off its deliciously sweet terpene profile – that’s how it got its name, after all. The aroma is a divine combination of lemon merengue mixed with Madagascar vanilla and fresh cookie dough. Meanwhile, the flavors show off vanilla and citrus, with an interesting touch of woodiness. Prepare your palate for decadent layers of lemon sorbet, fresh vanilla sponge cake, exotic fruit, and candy-like subtleties for a total buffet of terpenes.

Grow Tips

Wedding Cake Auto is an autoflowering cannabis strain that will flower regardless of your lighting schedule. She’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor setups and only grows to heights of 60-120 cm (23- 47”), making her good for discreet operations. Because of her fast flowering time, she’s good for generating excellent harvests in a short amount of time. To grow this pearl of a plant, follow our grow info and watch her bloom:

  • To maximize your yields, the best method for growing her is the sea of green technique.
  • Her ideal lighting requirements include full sun, 600W HID, or an equivalent LED.
  • She’s an easy strain to grow and well-suited for beginner cultivators.

Wedding Cake Auto Seeds

If you’re ready to make this commitment, Herbies has what you need to take the leap! So, hear those wedding bells ring and buy a pack of Wedding Cake Auto feminized seeds for the grow season of a lifetime, and rest assured you will receive them safely and discreetly.


  • Brand Original Sensible Seeds
  • Sex Feminized
  • Flowering type Autoflowering
  • Suitable for Outdoor
  • Suitable for Indoor
  • Effect Strong, well balanced
  • Genetics Wedding Cake x Girl Scout Cookies Auto
  • Height 60 - 120 cm
  • Yield 600 g/m² indoors
    150 g/plant outdoors
  • From seed to harvest 65 - 70 days
  • Genotype Indica / Sativa / Ruderalis hybrid
  • THC 20 %
  • PharmaZ
    1 August 2021
    1 August 2021
    • Advantages
      fantastic strain - worth growing
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      I am glad I did iit!
      The end result when dried is fantastic,
      Harvest results top notch unique structured buds.
      She is very “Cookies” In appearance with a subtle pink tinge.
      She’s not that hard hitting to the head but I do remember almost pulling a whitey after a good sesh so she’s definitely a strong one.
    Photos from customers
  • Satori_Hanso
    23 June 2021
    23 June 2021
    • Advantages
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      Very potent strain and it hits hard.
      Smell is fruity, tropical.
      It does anchor your body a bit but it also gives you cerebral high.
      For home use.
    Photos from customers
  • ROM101
    24 November 2019
    24 November 2019
    • Advantages
      Rock hard buds with beautiful and sweet smell. There is a very cherry scent. It was really easy to trim. This was an amazing auto and I feel it's one of the best I've grown to date. The genetics is superb 👌👍👍
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      Haven't smoked her as she's curing but I will say it was one of the best autos I've grown in terms of quality!
  • Tripaholic88
    28 December 2019
    28 December 2019
    • Advantages
      Excellent genetics!
    • Disadvantages
      Can cause dry mouth.
    • General impressions
      This is a lovely smoke! It smells/tastes of lemon/pineapple, gas and cedar.
      Has a nice euphoria to it then mellows out into a relaxing body buzz, some great genetics man! I will be growing their photo period version of this, so keep an eye out for that soon! I will update with a smoke report when dried and cured a little. I cannot wait to grow another one, this thing was a dream to grow. I have been waiting for an auto wedding cake and Original Sensible Seeds did an AMAZING job on this one, actually all the strains I have grew from them so far.
  • Dunk_Junk
    20 December 2019
    20 December 2019
    • Advantages
      High quality buds!
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      Well she is wonderful! What a nice plant! 147+ g of high quality buds. Will update with tastes/effects later.

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