Where's my bike feminized seeds

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The Where’s My Bike cannabis strain is ideally suited for those who need a Sativa with no ceiling. Not only does it have a pure Sativa effect, but you’ll also need to keep your grow room in check due to her height. This vigorous sativa will be the crown in anyone’s garden once she finishes flowering in 9-weeks.

  • Karma Genetics
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Some crazy hash
  • Amnesia x Biker Kush V1.0
  • High
  • High
  • 63 - 84 days
  • Sativa dominant
  • No official information

Where’s My Bike - Amnesia Wrapped In A Flower

The Where’s My Bike cannabis strain is the result of combining Amnesia with Biker OG V1.0. Amnesia lends her mind-blowing THC content that’s sure to wipe your memory of any negative thoughts. The trichome production cascades off the long buds produced in this sativa dominant powerhouse.

Space is the key component when growing Where’s My Bike cannabis seeds. This fast-growing sativa dominant hybrid will outgrow an 11L container in no time, so it’s essential that you use 15L and above.

The combination of Kush and Haze genetics combine for a tremendous amount of stretch during pre-flowering. Make sure you have ample space in your grow room and vegetate her for a maximum of 1-week.

  • Flowering Lighting Requirements: 12/12;
  • Vegetative Lighting Requirements: 18/6;
  • EC: 1.6;
  • Growth Technique: LST or ScrOG;
  • pH (hydro): 5.5;
  • Minimum Lighting Requirements: 600-Watt HID.

A Blissful Forgetfulness

Haze genetics can make you forget even the most simple facts. One of those could be where you placed your car keys, or even worse, where you left your bike. The Where’s My Bike cannabis strain holds true to its name by leveling your mind with a THC cluster bomb. Although you may not have any recollection of your recent past, it’ll be filled with pure bliss.