White Widow XXL Autoflowering feminized seeds

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Dinafem Seeds once again shows their expertise by backcrossing White Widow Auto with the original White Widow to get White Widow XXL Autoflowering – a great feminized strain that greatly improves on the yields of her predecessor. 400-450g/m² of compact buds with 10-15% THC in as short as 80 days. Not a CBD-rich variety, this lady still has more therapeutic application as she mostly induces a pleasant yet, strong buzz in the brain first and in the body second.

  • Dinafem Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Autoflowering
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Positive doctor
  • White Widow x White Widow Auto
  • 50 - 110 cm outdoors
  • 400 - 450 g/m² indoors
    60 - 170 g/plant outdoors
  • Late October
  • 80 days
  • 35% Sativa / 65% Indica
  • 20 %

White Widow XXL Auto: She Likes It Dry

Due to her inheritance, White Widow XXL Autoflowring has a dominant presence of Indica genes and gives life to shorty plants, which grow up to 100cm, but not exactly ‘leafy’. There is enough space between nodes on the branches for growers to not have to worry about humidity. The buds are a different story, though, as they grow dense and tight-set, and this makes them vulnerable to molds. Nevertheless, the strain is ideal for stealth growing, even with limited experience.

  • You will get good yields - up to 435g/plant indoors in 11-15 weeks - if you use 19-20L pot, LED 400W or HID 600W lamps run for 18-20h per day
  • To avoid issues with buds rotting, be sure to install a fan, an exhaust system and keep the humidity level at 55% or lower
  • If growing in a substrate, be sure to water your crops abundantly – up to 6-7L per 24h but only provided that the drainage of your pot can handle that; you will also need more fertilizers (f.e. Advanced Nutrients, House&Garden, Grotek)

Complete Flowery Citrus Relaxation

Tasting of citrus and flowers with sometimes earthy and piney flavors, White Widow XXL Auto is a smooth smoke that makes your worries, muscle pain, and insomnia evaporate. She softly touches your head first and then moves down to your body producing a relaxing buzz. Some people recommend the strain as an evening-to-night smoke.

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    • Advantages
      100% germination rate! Excellent genetics! I highly recommend to grow this strain!
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      This plant has very good genes. No nutrient burn, no shocking from tough transplanting issues, even no need to adjust ph. just plant it in a good soil and fertilize it with organics and wait for the harvest day! Can't wait to try more!
    • Advantages
      This plant was a dream to grow, responded like a champ to topping and LST, I had 4 main colas, each 45-55g wet, one was 70g wet. My total wet weight is 719g!! Holy cow!!!
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      She’s been touched up on trimming and placed in jars to cure, it smells beautiful! I was actually worried about it because during the drying process it smelled like cat piss, I seriously thought it had somehow molded but everything turned out incredible, it smells sweet and sour almost like a lime with a nice punch of stank.
      I had the pleasure of smoking a bunch of larf after I was trimming and I was quickly found with a buzzing brain standing in my kitchen wondering wtf I was just about to do a beautiful body buzz followed quickly after that pit me back at my kitchen table where I proceeded to snap my girlfriend about how fucked up I was. Definitely a great smoke and I truly cannot wait for it to cure for some time.