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Wonder Black Domina feminized seeds



The Blissful High Of Wonder Black Domina

This strain is incredibly potent and has a THC level that runs as high as 24%. Smoking Wonder Black Domina results in a sedative and sleepy high with sporadic patches of euphoria and contentment. You may also experience an intense case of the munchies, so be sure to have a bunch of snacks on hand when smoking this strain.

The Herbal, Spicy Taste Of Wonder Black Domina

Wonder Black Domina has a sweet, herbal taste with nuanced inflections of pine and citrus. Beneath this is the dark peppery spiciness that lingers on even after you blow out the smoke. You and your friends will have a great time unwinding over this strain.

The Strain With A Herbal And Pine Aroma 

Wonder Black Domina has an insanely pungent and musky smell. Its scent is heavy and herbal with pine, citrus and nutty undertones. The strain also has mild notes of spice and pepper in its aroma.

Why Not Grow Your Own Green?

Wonder Black Domina is an incredibly rewarding plant to grow, and does well both indoors and outdoors. When planted indoors, the strain takes about 55 days to flower and produces enormous, dense and resinous buds. It grows wide, abundant branches, considerably increasing the yields, which are about 450g/m2 (15 oz) when planted indoors and 700g (24 oz) per plant outdoors.

  • This strain is moderately easy to grow and can be planted by both seasoned farmers and novices.
  • Many growers recommend the Sea of Green technique when planting this strain indoors.
  • Cultivated outdoors, it does well in areas with a warm, sunny climate and long summers.
  • The strain also lends itself quite readily to greenhouse cultivation.
  • It is highly resistant to pests, bugs, and adverse weather conditions. However, it achieves maximum yields when given support as it grows.

Wonder Black Domina – The Strain With A Riveting Genetic Background

This superstar strain was achieved by facilitating a four-way cross between Northern Lights, Ortega, Afghani SA and Hash Plant. These strains are all classics in their own respect, with intense THC levels and incredible flavor profiles. The fact that this particular strain has such a rich genetic background explains why it’s so resilient, potent and productive.


  • Brand

    AKA seed bank. They create and preserve cannabis genetics, then we get them to you.

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    Hero Seeds
  • Type of seeds

    Regular or feminized. Pick feminized if you want female plants only.

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  • Type of seeds

    Either autoflowering or photoperiod. Both have their pros and cons, but growing autos is easier.

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  • Suitable for growing

    This strain is perfect for growing both indoors and outdoors.

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    Indoor, Outdoor
  • Effect *

    Each strain produces a certain effect on your body. This is what you can expect from this variety.

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    Psycho trip
  • Genetics

    Genetic composition of the strain. Shows parent strains that were used to create this particular variety.

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    Northern Lights x Ortega x Afghani SA x Hash Plant
  • % Sativa/ Indica/ Ruderalis

    The ratio of Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis in this particular variety.

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    100% Indica
  • THC

    The main psychoactive compound in cannabis. The higher THC level, the more potent the strain.

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    21 %

*Herbies sells cannabis seeds exclusively as souvenirs that aren’t meant for cultivation or germination. Customers should be aware that the germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in most countries. Herbies sells cannabis seeds exclusively for collecting and preservation for future generations. We advise customers to check with their local laws before germination, as Herbies does not accept responsibility for the illegal use of our products.

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