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Zombi Rasta Marley feminized seeds

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Zombi Rasta is a feminized marijuana strain with a blissfully distinctive flavor and aroma profile. It has a fruity yet sour taste – a perfect blend between pine and earthy musk. This strain has an herbal, citrus scent with mild earthy undertones. It’s an 80% Indica-dominant strain, so is rather calming, sedating and relaxing. Thanks to Zombi Rasta’s 1.1% CBD concentration, the strain commonly used to combat insomnia, pain, anxiety, depression, and is perfect for an evening or nighttime smoke.

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Hero Seeds
Outdoor Indoor
100% Indica
THC 26 %
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The Calming And Relaxing Effects of Zombi Rasta

Zombi Rasta is a knock-out strain armed with up to 26% THC! This explains why it is so potent, and why its high is so intense. Smoking this strain brings on an insanely physically relaxing high with strong couch-locking effects, so save it for when you’re off from work or have nothing on your to-do list.

Zombi Rasta – The Strain With A Fruity, Herbal Aroma And Taste

This strain has an incredibly colorful terpene profile. Because of this, it has a strong herbal, pine and lavender flavor with subtle nuances of earth. Zombie Rasta is also rather aromatic and has a powerful citrus, pine, herbal and peppery smell.

Zombi Rasta – The Strain Even A Beginner Can Grow

Zombi Rasta is moderately easy to grow, and is perfect for both seasoned farmers and those beginning their incursion into the world of cannabis farming. It does well both indoors and outdoors and is a high-yield strain. Planted indoors, it takes 60 to 65 days to finish flowering and produces up to 600g/m2 (21 oz/ft2).

  • It grows up to 165cm (5.41 feet) tall. Growers recommend trimming and pruning to facilitate lateral branching.
  • For indoor growers, the Sea of Green technique would work best.
  • Planted outdoors, this strain flowers in late November.
  • This is a rather greedy plant. Make sure to feed it the right mix of nutrients in regular, generous feedings.
  • It grows large and bulky, considerably increasing yield.

The Sensational Strain With A Rich History

Zombi Rasta has an incredibly rich parental heritage, achieved by crossing White Shadow, Silver Haze, Northern Lights, Ortega, Afghani SA and Hash Plant. Thanks to these brilliant genetics, this strain is insanely potent, productive and resilient against harsh conditions, explaining why it’s so popular among marijuana growers and enthusiasts.


  • Brand Hero Seeds
  • Sex Feminized
  • Flowering type Photoperiod
  • Suitable for Outdoor
  • Suitable for Indoor
  • Effect Rasta motion
  • Genetics White Widow x Silver Haze x Northern Lights x Ortega x Afghani SA x Hash Plant
  • Genotype 100% Indica
  • THC 26 %
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