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Dark Horse Genetics

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Dark Horse Genetics is at the forefront of exotic and outrageously potent cannabis strains. Since their release of the Bruce Banner line, they’ve sky-rocketed in popularity among home cultivators, breeders, commercial growers, and consumers alike. If a cannabis snob only had access to one cannabis company for the rest of their life, they’d pick Dark Horse Genetics without batting an eye.

A True Knack For Sky-High Potency

What makes Dark Horse Genetics so special amidst the sea of breeders is their ability to create some of the world’s most potent cannabis strains. Bruce Banner #3 is the strain that solidified their name in the cannabis industry’s hall of fame, but they’ve continued to exceed expectations by releasing hit after hit.

The Bruce Banner line made headlines when it first came out, routinely testing in the 30% THC range. This breakthrough automatically made the Bruce Banner line a must-have among all cannabis connoisseurs.

Since then, a multitude of releases has hit near or at the 30% mark. Strains such as Savage Hulk, Hulkamania, Gammaberry, Hulk Smash, and Meyer Lemons, are a few examples of strains with an abundance of THC.

Exotic Strains With Mind-Blowing Flavors

Dark Horse Genetics has since released a plethora of masterpieces that contain a wild terpene profile, such as Banner’s Revenge, Face Melt OG, Clown Shoes OG, LA Sunshine, Strawshort Cake, Joe’s Lemonade, and Orange Blossom Fizz.

Each of these strains is masterfully crafted and specially selected to give you the ability to grow the world’s most exciting and flavorful cannabis strains.

Official website: Dark Horse Genetics