Focus on Research and Improvement

    Merch from Herbies is the result of consulting with experts, researching weed lovers’ needs, and constantly improving designs that have already been created. From materials to dimensions to colors, everything is carefully thought over to create a pleasant experience with a natural feel. These items won’t interfere with the flavor, potency, or other physical qualities of your cannabis. Instead, they’ll subtly enhance every session making you question why you haven’t upgraded to accessories from Herbies earlier.

    Highest Quality Made Affordable

    By getting the middleman out of the equation, Herbies can offer some of the best prices on cannabis accessories and other merch. This doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice the quality, though. All of our items are designed to make our fanbase even stronger, that’s why we use only practical, long-lasting materials: heat-proof glass, reusable plastic, recycled paper, and more. Our items aren’t normally limited to a single purpose. We always say that they will last you a lifetime, and it means that thanks to being multi-purpose, Herbies merch will keep serving you and adapt to your changing needs.