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Sin City Seeds

Sin City Seeds is world-renowned for producing potent and unique cannabis strains. They have made their mark on the industry by creating well over 200 medicinal cannabis seeds. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, these strains are filled with star-studded features that will leave you entertained for hours on end.

Cancer's Nightmare regular
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  • Photoperiod
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Treasure Island CBD (Sin City Seeds)
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  • Feminized
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Potent Effects For A Sinfully Good Time

Not all sins are bad, and Sin City Seeds proves this by offering up some of the best genetics that the cannabis industry has ever seen. Famous strains that contain massive doses of THC are Alien Nightmare, Aliens on Moonshine, Power Nap, White Nightmare, and True Power OG.

Each of these strains boasts well over 24% THC, and you will not know what hit you. Their trademark of high THC is profoundly etched into each of the strains, and you’ll be impressed by the couch-locking Indicas, motivating Sativas, and all-around decimating hybrids.

Sin City Seeds provides something for everyone, and you will never be left without an option. Sin City has spent countless hours creating strains that provide the best effects - especially for those in medical need.

Decadent Terpenes in Every Strain

What would Sin City Seeds be without extravagant terpenes? Each of their offerings contains a colorful spectrum of terpenes that range from sour to bitter, and from fruity to outright petrol.

Raskal Berries, Blue Lime Pie, and Sin City Skunk are all examples of strains that contain a wide variety of flavors and aromas. Each of these carries unique terpenes that not only make your mouth water but also lend a special effect that works with THC.

Official website: Sin City Seeds