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Soma Seeds is a Dutch company founded by a famous US cannabis activist, writer, grower and breeder who transformed his lifelong passion for weed into a great number of legendary, award-winning strains like Lavender, Amnesia Haze, Reclining Buddha and many others. Holistic, organic and eco-friendly, his varieties are matchless and guarantee you incredible experiences, both as a grower and a smoker.

Buy Amnesia Haze feminized seeds (Soma Seeds)
Amnesia Haze (Soma Seeds) THC High
  • Soma Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • min 20 - 30 g/plant
14 €
Buy Somango feminized seeds
Somango (Soma Seeds) THC N/A
  • Soma Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Autoflowering
  • Min 15 - 20 g/plant
13 €

Soma Seeds Review: A Blast From The Past

The strains offered by Soma Seeds seem to have been around forever. The staple of the collection of every serious breeder, these genetics are either sold by other companies as faithful copies or used in hybrids too numerous to count. The names of these strains are therefore known to all. It’s hard to imagine that all these legends weren’t of some divine origin or even created by Mother Nature herself, but thought up and bred by actual people! Well, one person in particular – an American named Soma who moved to Amsterdam in the 90s and founded his own seed bank some 20 years ago.

A Lifelong Passion For The Sacred Plant

However, the history of Soma Seeds actually dates back much further than that – to the hippy era. In 1967, our hero, a perfect young representative of the American middle class, worked an entry-level job for IBM in New York and was one day sold a couple of joints by his colleague. Those first few tokes changed Soma’s life for good, and his newfound love for weed gradually transformed a three-piece suit-wearing corporate slave into a picture-book Rastafari, enlightened and infinitely wise.

Far from transforming Soma into a lazy stoner caricature, marijuana became for him a source of inspiration and a guide. To this day, he believes that cannabis is for everyone because it’s so much more than just a smoke. It can be the clothes we wear, the paper we write on and the food we eat – the possible ways of using this plant are limitless. These beliefs made Soma a hemp activist, a writer for High Times and many other cannabis publications, a photographer known for the beautiful snapshots of his favorite plant, and above all, a dedicated grower and breeder.

Since the early 70s, he’s been experimenting with weed cultivation, doing a lot of trial and error, inventing new methods of growing, collecting marijuana genetics, and crossing them with each other. By the end of the century, he was an established authority in his field and a creator of weed varieties with a cult following.

Soma Seeds For Sale: Award-Winning Genetics

Since his first High Times Cannabis Cup for Reclining Buddha that put him on the map, Soma kept scoring one victory after another. NYC Diesel (a nod to his youthful days in the Big Apple), Amnesia Haze, Somari, Buddha’s Sister – all these varieties and more are still present in Soma Seeds’ catalog and carry the exact same award-winning genetics. They’re also all produced in an organic and eco-friendly way, and growers of these seeds are advised to do the same, both to honor Soma’s philosophy of living in harmony with nature and to harvest buds with unsurpassed flavors and effects.

Official website: Soma Seeds