About Us

Herbies Seeds is a reputable cannabis seeds shop that’s been on the cannabis market for over 20 years providing top-notch marijuana seeds worldwide. With our expertise, commitment and love for what we do, Herbies Seeds guarantees that all orders will be handled professionally and delivered to almost any spot on the planet.

With an ambition to create the best place to buy cannabis seeds, we strive to advise and share our expertise in cannabis by giving detailed product descriptions, articles, blog posts and other information that will help you make the best choice. So far, we have over 800 000 happy customers and we do our utmost to improve in every aspect. 

We at Herbies Seeds know the needs of our customers and care about the quality of our services and products, that is why we ensure:

Carefully selected cannabis seeds

In our shop, you can find only well-selected, top-quality cannabis genetics of certified and known origin.

Fast and secure delivery

No matter what shipping method you choose, we guarantee that our expert team will handle your order within 24 hours after you've placed it and dispatch it the very next day.  

100% privacy

We ship orders in brown envelopes that have no mentioning of their content or the company name. Seeds are placed into DVD boxes or disguised as some other unsuspicious goods. Learn more about our shipping service here.

At Herbies Seeds, we deliver joy wrapped in the seed. Enjoy shopping with us and discover this unique experience yourself!