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29 June 2022
Customer Support Agents at Herbies: Let's See Who's behind That Chat Window
What’s that cheerful beep that you hear while browsing Herbies? If you don’t yet know, it’s our chat window, there for you to use any time you need help with anything Herbies-related. But who’s on the other side of the screen behind the cartoonish avatar? It’s our expert customer support managers who speak many languages and know Herbies and cannabis growing like the back of their hands. Today, we’re going to break the ice and learn more about each of them, so maybe after reading the article you can send your first message in the Herbies chat!
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25 November 2021
Meet Alex, the Head of Packaging at Herbies
Meeting Herbies employees to show you the real people behind the big brand has been both entertaining and educational, and we’re not ready to stop just yet!We’ve already had great chats with our Customer Satisfaction Manager Gabriel, the Head of Sales Emilia, our Frontend Developer Vlad, and last time we talked to Berta, Senior Graphic Designer – check these articles out if you still haven’t! This time, we’re getting away from the office and stopping by the Herbies warehouse to meet Alex, the Head of Packaging at Herbies.
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7 October 2021
Meet Berta, a Senior Graphic Designer at Herbies
In this series of articles, we continue to interrupt Herbies employees from their main duties (just for a little bit) to talk about their experiences working with us. This time, we’re with our Senior Graphic Designer, Berta, who allows Herbies to speak to customers not just through text, but through a variety of visual media.
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3 September 2021
Meet Vlad, a Frontend Developer at Herbies
In this series of articles, we wander through Herbies headquarters, room to room, talking to our employees to get to know each of them better as well as the company at large.Last time, we took a glimpse into the work process of Emilia, our head of sales. Now, it’s the turn of Vlad, a frontend developer at Herbies. The fact that you’re able to read this text from your PC or mobile device is largely thanks to his work. Let’s see what it takes to work at Herbies and how our IT team is planning to improve the site in the future.
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4 August 2021
Meet Emilia, the Head of Sales at Herbies
Content The move to SpainGrowing at Herbies SeedsThings we loveMoving forwardIn this series of articles, you’ll get to meet the people who make Herbies Seeds and peek behind the closed doors of our headquarters – there’s a lot we’d like to share!
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8 July 2021
Meet Gabriel, a Customer Satisfaction Manager at Herbies Seeds
Content Starting at HerbiesOn his personal stance on cannabisA day at Herbies SeedsThe best memory from working at HerbiesThe best part of the jobIt’s not all fun and games
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