Where In The World Is It Legal To Buy Cannabis Seeds?

Last updated: 29 February 2024

are marijuana seeds illegal

Marijuana seed laws vary from one country to another, ranging from permissible to totally illegal. Although there has been some major progress over the years, the world is far from ready to fully open its doors to the green wave. If you’re worried about getting busted for ordering seeds in certain countries, it’s important to take a look at what the various rules are across the world.

Do you know what legal rules are applied to cannabis seeds in your own country? Check our guide and see if you know everything you need to know about this often sensitive topic.

Is It Legal To Buy Weed Seeds In My Country?

The thing about cannabis seeds is that they’re usually considered different from the actual plants. Unlike marijuana or hemp, seeds don’t contain the cannabinoids found in mature plants. They’re useful for things besides eventually smoking or ingesting such as health food, bait or bird food.

As the rules change, so does the cannabis industry, making it essential to stay updated on where marijuana seeds are legal.

In Europe, for example, you can even order seeds from other countries and have them sent right to your doorstep. Some countries are cool with a bit of home cultivation, while others pretend not to notice. Places like the UK, France, Scandinavia, and Ireland are chill with buying seeds, but sprouting them? Not so much.

On the flip side, countries like Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and Spain are all about letting you grow a few plants for personal use.

In other parts of the world, the situation varies. While North America is blazing a trail towards more legalization, South America is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to cannabis laws.

Brazil is on the fence, while Uruguay is all in legalization, hoping to squash illegal drug trafficking. Since many Latin American countries are signed onto the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, technically cannabis seeds are legal. But with all the uncertainty swirling around cannabis rules in this region, it's a good idea to check out your own country's policies.

When it comes to countries that have given the green light to recreational weed, you've got Canada, Georgia, Germany, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand, and Uruguay. In the U.S., 24 states, 3 territories, and the District of Columbia have legalized cannabis use, as well as the Australian Capital Territory down under. So, buying seeds in these places shouldn't be a problem.

However, given the stigma around cannabis as a whole, not all countries are permissive even of just the seeds.

Is It Legal To Buy Weed Seeds In The U.S.?

busted for ordering seeds

Hemp is completely legal on a federal level, with marijuana being banned federally but legal in some states to varying degrees. Other states ban it entirely. To know for sure if cannabis seeds are legal in your state, check out our full guide.

Overall, buying and possessing seeds isn’t a crime for the reasons we mentioned above. Seeds on their own have no recreational or medical effects, but make a great addition to salads, smoothies, bait or animal food. Using the seeds for cultivation, however, depends on which state you live in.


Are Cannabis Seeds Legal In The U.K.?

are marijuana seeds illegal

Cannabis laws in the United Kingdom have undergone drastic changes over the last couple of years. As of November 2018, the country legalized medical marijuana.

Cannabis seeds can be purchased online and offline from a head shop, seed reseller, or seed banks. However, it is important to note that germinating and cultivating cannabis seeds is still illegal without a Home Office License. 

Can You Buy Cannabis Seeds In Australia?

is it legal to buy cannabis seeds

Australia isn’t a very cannabis-friendly country. People can use medical marijuana and possess seeds, but only for health issues that are seen as serious, terminal, or otherwise untreatable. Using the seeds for other purposes isn’t given any consideration. Patients themselves are allowed to buy seeds and grow cannabis, but specific laws differ from state to state.

Cannabis seeds can only be purchased legally in Australia or internationally from countries where cannabis cultivation is permitted by the Federal Government and complies with the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs.

Is It Legal To Buy Seeds In Canada?

is it legal to buy weed seeds

At first, dispensaries and government retail outlets didn’t offer seeds, making them illegal to own. However, in December of 2018, seeds were slowly introduced into the legal Canadian market.

Now, seeds are available from legal sources. There’s no limit to the number of seeds you can own as long as you’re not growing more than four plants (although certain provinces ban growth altogether).

Is It Legal To Buy Marijuana Seeds In New Zealand?

marijuana seeds laws

As of December 2018, medical marijuana is legal for terminally ill patients. For the rest of the population cannabis and any related products (including seeds) are completely illegal in New Zealand. Although an upcoming referendum could change that, penalties for the time being are stiff.

You can either buy cannabis seeds from an illegal dealer or online through a seed vendor in New Zealand. However, you do so at your own risk.

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Are Marijuana Seeds Illegal In Germany?

is it illegal to possess marijuana seeds

Germany’s rules on cannabis seeds are interesting. The seeds are not considered illegal drugs, so possession is fine, although Germany has still banned their sale within its borders.

However, being part of the European Union, products can move freely from one member country to another. This means that, while you can’t legally buy seeds in Germany, you can still purchase them from another country and import them legally. Plus, starting April 1, 2024, adults 18 and older are able to legally possess, grow, and smoke weed for recreational use.

Is It Illegal To Buy Marijuana Seeds In France?

buy marijuana seeds in france

Cannabis seeds are legal to possess and purchase in France. You can buy domestically, but people generally find importing from elsewhere provides better quality. Although marijuana seeds can’t be used for cultivation, other applications are fine. However, hemp is a different story – citizens can grow this as long as it contains 0.2% THC or less.

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Is It Legal To Buy Marijuana Seeds In The Netherlands?

buy marijuana seeds in Netherlands

In the Netherlands, it is possible to purchase cannabis seeds. Despite the common belief, the use of cannabis is not completely legalized but rather decriminalized and tolerated. The lenient cannabis laws in the Netherlands stem from a 1972 decision which classified cannabis as a less harmful drug. Cannabis can be legally purchased at designated coffeeshops throughout the country, with possession of up to 5g being decriminalized.

Are Marijuana Seeds Illegal In Spain?

buy marijuana seeds in spain

Spain’s laws on marijuana and seeds differ from one region to another. Marijuana has recently been decriminalized. Technically, it’s still illegal to grow cannabis, but decriminalization means that being caught results in a slap on the wrist. If you keep it to yourself, you’re pretty much safe. Citizens can buy, sell and trade seeds between each other for personal use. Stores can sell seeds, but this requires permission from the government.

Is It Legal To Buy Cannabis Seeds In Italy?

buy marijuana seeds in italy

In Italy, seeds (including cannabis seeds) fall under cultivation products. This means that, in seed form, these may as well not be cannabis at all, at least as far as the law is concerned. However, this changes if you decide to plant them. Medical and industrial marijuana is legal in Italy, so patients can be allowed to grow their own. Nevertheless, there are strict rules in place. Using cannabis for recreational purposes is illegal. Having small quantities of marijuana for personal use is considered a minor civil violation.

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Is It Illegal To Possess Marijuana Seeds In Turkey?

buy marijuana seeds in turkey

Although Turkey legalized medical cannabis in 2016, it’s arguably one of the most restrictive countries on our list. Medical products are limited to oral sprays, assuming someone is lucky enough to find a doctor who will prescribe the drug. Anti-cannabis sentiment is strong in Turkey, so it should come as no surprise that owning seeds is illegal, as is home cultivation. Only licensed producers are authorized to purchase and cultivate cannabis seeds.

Are Marijuana Seeds Illegal In South Africa?

buy marijuana seeds in South Africa

Adult individuals have the freedom to cultivate cannabis and, as a result, own the necessary seeds for this endeavor. In the past, citizens in the nation heavily depended on genetics produced by foreign seed banks. However, with the current trend of decriminalization and potential legalization, local seed businesses are beginning to rise and gain significant popularity, ranging from large commercial enterprises to small-scale artisan breeders.

Is It Illegal To Possess Marijuana Seeds In China?

marijuana seeds in china

Marijuana is illegal in China. In fact, the consequences for trafficking the drug can include the death penalty. Industrial hemp is allowed in some provinces for use as raw material, but owning anything marijuana-related is out of the question.

Stealthy Shipping From Herbies

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Can you order marijuana seeds online legally? In most cases, the answer is yes! Regardless of where you live, Herbies wants you to get the best seeds discreetly and safely. This is why we go out of our way to keep our customers protected. All of our products are hand-packed and placed in discreet packaging to resemble regular online outlets. This keeps your delivery away from prying eyes, ensuring you receive it quickly and seamlessly. To learn more about this, check out our Shipping page.

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Marijuana seeds and the law have a complicated relationship. In some countries, the rules are clear, while others are in a gray area. No matter where you’re from, it’s important to stay up to date on your region’s laws. To avoid any problems, make sure you’ve studied the legal status of marijuana seeds in your country and weighed all the pros and cons before ordering seeds. In most cases, however, you won’t have to worry as long as you’re discreet and purchase from a reputable source.

Herbies Head Shop expressly refuses to support the use, production, or supply of illegal substances. For more details read our Legal Disclaimer.

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