Auto Pineapple Glue feminized seeds

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The Auto Pineapple Glue cannabis strain is for those that need an effective Sativa-dominant hybrid. This strain packs everything you could want, buds that reek of fermenting fruit, sky-high THC, and massive buds in a very short time. When you need flowers now, look no further than this autoflowering masterpiece.

  • Advanced Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Autoflowering
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Ideal for all situations
  • Auto Pineapple x Auto Gorilla Glue
  • 80 - 100 cm indoors
    120 - 150 cm outdoors
  • 450 - 550 g/m² indoors
  • November
  • 60 - 65 days
  • Sativa / Indica hybrid
  • 22 %

Auto Pineapple Glue: Hardy And Dainty Hybrid

Auto Pineapple Glue is a brand new hybrid developed by Advanced Seeds from a cross between delicious Auto Pineapple and potent Auto Gorilla Glue. The resulting feminized strain combines all the advantages of her famous parents. Growing 80-100cm tall indoors or 120-150cm outdoors, this robust autoflower is ideal for small spaces. Smart growers will take advantage of her small stature by growing her with the SOG method to increase their yields. Some recommend growing Auto Pineapple Glue cannabis seeds in 7-11L containers, which provide enough root space.  

Easy as pie to grow, the strain adapts to almost any growing setup and doesn’t need any special care. If grown indoors, Auto Pineapple Glue brings up to 550g/m2 of elongated buds brimming with resin after 60-days from seeding. Outdoor plants can produce up to 150g of dried flowers that fill the grow room with a pleasant and energizing aroma of ripe pineapples.

  • Watering volume per plant: 0.25-0.50L Per 24-Hour
  • Plant-to-lamp distance: 40cm
  • Lighting requirement: 600-Watt or LED equivalent
  • EC (Flowering): 1.6
  • pH (Hydro): 5.5

Hours-Long Blissful Relaxation 

Auto Pineapple Glue features a very noticeable aroma of exotic fruits and an elevated THC content of 22%, which is a guarantee of potent and immediate euphoric effects that smoothly turn into a pleasant physical relaxation.