Auto Tutankhamon feminized seeds

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Auto Tutankhamon aka King Tut is an autoflowering Sativa-dominant cannabis strain that is famous for its high levels of THC and stimulating effects. Featuring sour, skunky aroma, this super uplifting strain offers a happy cerebral high that stimulates creativity. Great for social outings and getting your artistic juices flowing.

  • Pyramid Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Autoflowering
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Greenhouse
  • Bright high turning into stone
  • Tutankhamon x Ruderalis
  • Barcelona Spannabis 2011
  • up to 100 cm indoors
    up to 130 cm outdoors
  • 450+ g/m² indoors
    50 - 200 g/plant outdoors
  • 70 days
  • 50 - 65 days
  • 10 % Indica / 90 % Ruderalis
  • 17 %
  • 1 %
  • 1,5 %

Auto Tutankhamon: Get Creative With A Happy Uplifting High

With some of the highest THC levels of all time, Auto Tutankhamon’s cerebral effects come on quickly and transform the senses to a place of pure happiness and blissful euphoria. With its mind-blowing 20% THC, Auto Tutankhamon is an excellent choice for an uplifting wake and bake and staying positive and energetic throughout the day. This autoflower is also a go-to strain when you need creative inspiration strikes as it allows for clear-headed focus despite her extremely powerful high.

The strain may be too strong for beginners – if overdosed, it may cause paranoia and anxiety. Even the most experienced smokers should approach Auto Tutankhamon with the respect she deserves.

Wake-And-Bake Strain With Pungent & Skunky Flavors

Auto Tutankhamon has a pungent, skunky, earthy aroma and flavor with slightly sweet hints of floral notes. While it comes well equipped with the classic skunky smell some cannabis strains are known for, the floral undertones do well to mellow it out a bit and offer a slightly sweet and fruity flavor. You’ll likely catch a slightly zesty hint of lemon on the exhale for a beautifully balanced taste and flavor profile that is extremely agreeable to the senses.

Easy Growing Autoflower With Huge Yields

Auto Tutankhamon is an autoflowering phenotype from Pyramid Seeds that’s easy to grow and offers excellent yields.

  • Offers great results both indoors and outdoors.
  • With dominant Sativa genetics, this strain can reach from 1.5-3.5 feet indoors and 2-4 feet outdoors. LST can come in handy when grow space is limited.
  • Indoor lighting recommendation is 600W and growers can expect yields of up to 450 grams or more per square meter.
  • Indoor flowering time is 70 days.
  • Outdoor growers can expect harvest of up to 200 grams per plant depending on pot size and conditions.
  • Outdoor flowering time is 50-65 days.

Auto Tutankhamon: A Descendent Of A True Award Winner

Auto Tutankhamon is a descendent of the famous AK-47 and has been bred as an autoflowering version of the feminized version of this strain created by Pyramid Seeds. AK-47 is a mix of a few different strains that originated in the 1990s and has won 16 awards since its creation. It’s safe to say that Auto Tutankhamon contains many of the same award-winning characteristics her parent strain is famous for.