Blue Mystic Automatic feminized seeds

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This autoflowering version of Blue Mystic cannabis strain, a feminized variety by Nirvana Seeds, is a perfect match for first-time growers, as she requires low maintenance and finishes growing in just 9-11 weeks while delivering quite the punch of THC. The plant has a stunning aroma of blueberries and a light sweetish taste with notes of citrus. Providing both a long-lasting buzz and relaxed mood, buds from Blue Mystic Auto seeds is a real pleasure, day or night.

  • Nirvana Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Autoflowering
  • Indoor
  • Sensual body vibes
  • Blue Mystic x Short Rider
  • Short
  • 200 - 300 g/m² indoors
  • 63 - 77 days
  • Indica dominant
  • Medium
  • High

Blue Mystic Auto’s Effects? Ecstatic!

When it comes to the effects of Blue Mystic Auto cannabis seeds, no mystery is left unsolved – this strain opens up and hits harder with every puff. The sesh will start off with an elevated mood that gradually transforms into complete euphoria. Such feel-good energy makes this marijuana strain perfect for exploring your creative side and socializing with friends. As for Blue Mystic Auto cannabis strain’s THC content of 17%, it’s high enough to provide the expected strength of the effects while allowing users to fully enjoy the flavor without the risk of greening out.

A Mouthful Of Exquisite Flavors

Speaking of flavor, Blue Mystic Auto strain has plenty of it! Each bud from Blue mystic Auto cannabis seeds is like a basket full of freshly picked forest berries. There’s everything you can think of, including blueberry, cherry, and even wildflowers with a touch of lemon. This irresistible mix of elegant flavors is the perfect accompaniment to the overall euphoric feel of Blue Mystic Auto marijuana strain. The flavor palette shines especially brightly because the smell is barely noticeable, letting you concentrate on your taste receptors to distinguish every single layer of the mouthwatering taste. 

Growing Is Easy-Breezy

Such a delicate smell is one of Blue Mystic Auto strain’s greatest traits, and not only in its finished bud form, but also as a growing plant – it barely gives off any scent, making this weed variety a perfect stealthy option. Due to the predominance of Indica genetics, the plant is also compact and easy to keep hidden. Despite its short stature, Blue Mystic Auto delivers a generous harvest of 200-300g/m2 (0.65-1oz/ft2) at the end of its lifecycle. And while growers wait for full maturation, this baby will delight them with its inimitable beauty! Keep the night temperatures at a minimum of 18-21C (64-70F) during flowering to witness an incredible shade of lavender.

  • The strain’s neutral smell during flowering makes it ideal for discrete cultivation.
  • It has a typical Indica plant and bud structure with a bushy shape and dense nugs.
  • Lower night temperatures at the end of the flowering stage to reveal purple hues.
  • It’s a resilient strain that can thrive in colder and wetter environments.

Pros Of Blue Mystic Auto’s Genetics

Blue Mystic Auto comes as Indica-dominant cannabis seeds born out of a cross between Blue Mystic and the autoflowering Short Rider. The resulting strain is otherworldly pretty with its lavender hues and star-like leaves. We know, such beauty shouldn’t be hidden, but if you want to keep your grow stealthy, Blue Mystic Auto’s genetic profile guarantees a compact and resilient plant.

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