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Bubba Kush Line mix feminized seeds

13 seeds
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For those, who want everything at once, Ripper Seeds created Bubba Kush Line – a mix of 3 strains - Zombie Kush, Washing Machine and a limited edition Bubba Kush reversion. All these strains are good to combine due to similar genes content, so you can expect diverse Indica effects and pleasurable aromas. Which one will you choose?

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Bubba Kush Line - Unique Mixed Pack of Ripper Classics

Bubba Kush Line is a unique blend of quality strains. This includes a total of 13 different seeds from 3 different strains: 5x Zombie Kush, 5x Washing Machine and 3x exclusive Bubba Kush reversion. They all come from the same genetic of Bubba Kush and will produce distinctive flavor and aromas in each strain you grow.

All of these strains contain different profiles in terms of growing, however they will all mainly be Indica based – meaning they will typically contain a compact to medium structure. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor growing. You can experiment with different genetics and see how much you like each plant compared to the other. Please see our descriptions of both Zombie Kush and Washing Machine for full details on how to grow these plants. They typically have an average flowering period of around 55-65 days, with a reasonably short vegetation of 2-4 weeks. This means they can be flipped into 12/12 fairly quickly, or using your preferred lighting schedule. Typically, Zombie Kush and Washing Machine will develop very apparent, sugar-like trichomes all over the plant.

  • 5x Zombie Kush feminized seeds – high-yielding Indica-dominant strain with a potent and durable effect
  • 5x Washing Machine feminized seeds – purple trichome-rich cannabis strain with a peculiar earthy & licorice aroma
  • 3x limited edition Bubba Kush reversion – any of Bubba Kush versions like Bubba Kush x White Widow, Rorum Cookies x Bubba Kush, Purple Punch x Bubba Kush etc.

Check out Distinctive Indica Growing Patterns

This megapack of Ripper Seeds will delight growers who want to experiment with 2 of the companies most sought-after strains, coming from the original Bubba Kush. Perfect as a gift or for personal experience to see how each seed differs from the others.


  • Brand Ripper Seeds
  • Sex Feminized
  • Flowering type Photoperiod
  • Different types of seeds in package Mix
  • Suitable for Outdoor
  • Suitable for Indoor

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